Review: country inn and suites by Radisson, Mysore.

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Travelling makes the soul happy.
The above quote perfectly fits my case. I’ve forever loved traveling, for me more than the destination the journey is an important factor. Plus if the mobile network starts fluctuating it’s a cherry on top of the cake.
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I’ve been traveling to Mysore quite often in the past years, I’ve happened to stay at the country inn and suits few times and each time I posted about my stay, I’ve always got requests from my followers to write an overall experience of the stay. I am not even exaggerating here, but few of them followed up on when the blog post will be up. I never had plans to write about the experience at the country inn and suits, but I dint wanted to turn them down. So here it is.

The country inn and suites by Radisson Mysore is one of the top-notch hotels around the city. The ambiance, the rooms, the staff, and the food will surely make your stay a comforting and pleasant one.
What’s the most important thing about traveling?
The beautiful nature and the scenic view of the city right? Umm 🤔 partially right.
For me, the most important thing about traveling is a good scenic view and a great stay.
Today it is very common that we rely on google reviews and we book our rooms. I had a terrible experience when I trusted the google reviews 😒.
So without a further delay lets dive into my personal experience.

As soon as you enter, the lobby is huge and recliners all over because they know exactly how tired you are after the journey.
They welcome you with big smiles and a welcome drink.
There is no such delay or waiting when it comes to allotting the room that you’ve booked for.
The rooms are very neatly arranged and all the essentials are provided.
I love their ambiance of the rooms, cozy and spacious.
Amenities include all the basic requirements.
The bathroom includes a shower cubical and the loo which is kept clean.
The hotel is on the outskirts of Mysore thus ensuring not much of the hustle-bustle of the city.
The whole property is surrounded by greenery so expect a lot of fresh air around.
The property has a swimming pool, a gym, a little play area for the little ones, a spa, a business centre, on site restaurants and a few stalls which exhibits the main handicrafts of the city.
The staff is extremely friendly, courteous and helpful.
The breakfast had a huge spread, everything delicious no doubt.

To sum it up I did have a fabulous stay at the country inn and suites by Radisson. Mysore is a beautiful city with a lot of tourist attractions, but post the sightseeing we all prefer a pleasant stay right? so don’t risk your stay whenever you travel.
There are a lot of other stay options in and around Mysore, I prefer staying at the country inn and suites Mysore, because of the good stay experience in the past and a bunch of good memories.

**I’ve reviewed the property candid and honest**

All other details about the property, price details and the availability,

Contact here 👇
The country inn and suites by Radisson.
345/a hebbal area
Near Infosys campus.
KA 570016
Ph. +91 8216642000

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Review: club Mahindra derby green, ooty.

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It’s said in a quote that vacation are the best days of all. Sometimes when you feel depressed, worried about your daily routine and stressed days it’s your body asking you to take a break. When you go for vacation you come back with more energy and more enthusiasm, thus enjoying your work. What better than a prestigious stay in a hill station.

Recently we visited ooty and chose to stay at club Mahindra derby green. Club Mahindra needs no introduction, since it was my first experience here I thought I would give you guys the first impression of the property.

Started in 1996, the company’s flagship brand “club Mahindra holidays”, today has a fast growing customer base of over 235000 members and 50+ resorts at some of the most exotic locations in India and abroad.

This property is one of the oldest yet well maintained. The property is spread across 5 and half acres. I was pleased to see the city view and race course view from our room. It has almost 89 rooms. Since it’s an old property the structure of the room is little different from the usual ones. The room has amenities like tea/coffee maker, a microwave and other modern amenities. There is seating area for every room so that no one misses out on view outside.

The most favorite part of this property is that it is surrounded by greenery. The different flowers which has different colors will automatically bloom your days. It feels refreshing to be around the beautiful garden and sip on some hot tea. The birds chirping here is much better than the Bangalore hustle bustle. From the time you enter the gate of derby green till you exit, the property will make sure you’ll find greenery all around. At every nook and corner here will make you fall in love with the property. There are relaxing chairs and benches all over the property if at all you get bored with the same view from your room.

The hospitality here is cherry on top of the cake. Every staff working here will make certain that you’re having a great stay. The smiles are so warmth enough to make your day. From the security at the entrance gate to room service person everyone here is so kind and sweet. If there’s any kind of entertainment and fun happening around, they’ll call up individually and ask if interested. To every concern of ours they’ll find a solution.

We stayed here for 2 days so we had 2 complimentary breakfast and 1 buffet lunch here. The complimentary breakfast here had some delicious spread that one cannot resist eating. It included toast, pastries, fruits, juices, cereals, beverages, eggs etc. There is a live counter where you could ask for south Indian style hot dosas. The lunch buffet too had a vast spread. But as I was expecting biriyani for lunch I was little disappointed. There was obviously a tasty spread from north Indian to south. The food here had authentic taste of local food and we all know about the hygiene maintained here.

Overall my experience about my stay here at club Mahindra is forever locked in my memory book. Ooty is in itself a great place to visit especially from Bangalore as it the only nearest hill station. In addition if opted for a club Mahindra stay I am sure anyone’s trip is going to be fruitful and awesome.

Rating: 5/5

Value for money: 8/10.

That’s it for now guys

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Review: xplorabox.

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Being a mom of a toddler I can assure you by now that this is the most difficult phase of all. It’s not only about the 100s of questions they ask each hour but also getting bored in a jiffy. When I think of my childhood days I remember using a term ‘BORED’ is only when we had 2 months of summer vacations and the last few days were kind of boring. And whenever I complained about my boring days to my mom, she would always say start studying for the next year.😉

Now, as a parent myself I know how different is this generation. As I told earlier in my previous blogs that ‘we 90s kid are the only generation who have struggled to become friends with our parents and we are struggling to become friends with our kids’.

This generation is different we cannot help! But the fact that there are people making a real change for keeping a toddler busy which in return helps them grow better physically, mentally and intellectually.

I’ve recently come across the activity subscription box for kids. “Xplorabox” is an unique cocept where in they try to engage kids with all new activities every month. The age curated monthly subscription box has 5 different activities and each activity is totally different from each other. The ‘jungle themed’ box here has 5 activity.

  1. My magnetic wildlife.
  • Motor skills
  • Academic skills
  • Confidence
  • Creative and exploring skills

This activity has a magnetic board, animal cutouts, 1 sheet of dense jungle animals and 1 sheet of cold regions animals.

Each sheet has to be placed over the magnetic board and the child has to match the pictures with the animal cutouts. this keeps them engaged and they really love the magnetic feel whenever they attch a picture.

2. Animal puzzle.

  • Motor skills
  • Academic skills
  • Confidence
  • Play and social skills.

There are 4 cutouts of animals and their babies. This is a jigsaw puzzle. A very innovative way of introducing animals and their babies. As each puzzle has different number of babies with them it’s fun to count the babies too.

3. Match the spots.

  • Motor skills
  • Creative and exploring skills
  • Cognitive skills
  • Play and social skills.

This activity has a board of animal patterns and there are cutouts of each animal.

The child has to recognize the animal pattern and then match it accordingly. Again a very new concept and very engaging.

4. My reptile world craft activity.

  • Motor skills
  • Creative and exploring skills
  • Play and social skills.

This is  a coloring activity which has a board, cutout sheets, 2 colors (paint), 2 sponges, 1 color tray and glue drop sheet.

Exploring paint is every kid’s favorite. This activity has cutouts of few reptiles. The child has to color the reptiles using a sponge and once the reptiles are colored they are all arranged in a big board and thus making a reptile world.

5. Monkey feeder

  • Motor skills
  • Academic skills
  • Cognitive skills.
  • Play and social skills.

This activity has a monkey board which has its mouth open, a tree with a tiny spinner and 12 fruit cutouts. This is my personal favorite too. Basically, a tree has 3 fruits (banana, mango and orange) attached. Every time the child rotates the spinner and it shows any of the fruits, the child has to pick the same fruits from the tree and feed it to the monkey. This game goes on and on.

My personal experience.

  • This is one of the innovative way to keep kids engaged.
  • There are 5 different activity in a single box every month.
  • Each activity has its own benefits to the child and the details about the improvements are listed in the box.
  • All the items provided here has a good quality. It’s totally not a one-time activity and it can be used later on.
  • Each activity is safeguarded in a cloth bag thus there is never a chance of mixing up.
  • It’s an age appropriate box from 2-4, 4-6, 6-8 and 8+.
  • The materials provided has good quality and there is no fear of wear and tear.
  • Each activity has an instruction card and there is no worry of not understanding an activity.

The most important thing about this box is that this is one of the best way to spend some quality time with kids.

another most important factor is that this keeps screen time away.

This box is priced at Rs.1099/-


That’s it for now guys.

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the shatbdi rail experience from Bangalore to Chennai.

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Traveling is something that excites every human being.

I am one such being who gets excited to the level that I research the city as if I am going to invade it. I always double-check the route, the stay, the travel before I plan a trip.

We recently visited Chennai and I was excited for my first travel experience with

shatabdi express Bangalore to Chennai.

It’s one of the fastest and comes under luxury category of trains.

Train experience.

*leaves sharp at time,

hence never expect a delay.

*once you get settled you realize that the seats are very comfortable and enough leg room to relax throughout the journey.

* the train staff give you a bottle of water with the latest newspaper.

*as u browse through the newspaper, you’ll get your preferred tea/coffee with a pack of digestive biscuits and a wet tissue to refresh yourself.

The best part of executive coach is that they serve you your preferred hot drink in cutlery and not in the paper glass which is an amazing part on your train journey.

*after a while, the perfect breakfast is served.

Breakfast saga.

A tray comes in which has 2 slices of bread packed, a sachet of salt and pepper, a sachet of ketchup and a tiny pack of butter.

Then comes in a hot cup of milk and a pack of corn flakes.

We had opted for non-veg.

So, we were served hot egg omelet.

Tea/coffee/green tea to end up the perfect breakfast.

the service and clean up after breakfast is real quick.

the staff is very friendly.

the food option is healthy too.

all the food is sealed, and the hygiene is maintained.

*the seats can be adjusted thus making a relaxed trip.

*the aisle of the executive coach is far better than the usual rush encounter. There can be easy movement without bumping into someone.

*there is a wide row above the seats for the luggage.

The toughened glass completes the look for the luggage aisle and makes the luggage compartment look classy.

*the toilets are clean, and hygiene is maintained.

*there are only 2 stops excluding the arrival and departure stations.

*the train reaches sharp at the time promised

*the armrest and footrest surely make comfortable seat.

There is reading light for every seat.

*the fare for the executive chair car comes approximately around Rs.1500/-

The only drawback I felt is about the pricing. I think the service can be improved for the fare.

I also think cornflakes can be served with cold milk.

Overall its a best experience compared to the usual train rides.

If you’re visiting Chennai, go see the rail museum and spend an hour or two.

You’ll definitely enjoy knowing more about the train history, train development in India and a lot more information on Indian railways.

That’s it for now guys,

see you soon.

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Review: Ekam’s personal care Products.

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Taking care of skin is as important as eating healthy food. One should always ensure that they are taking good care of the skin because at the end of the day your skin is something that you’ll be wearing for the rest of your life. The major thing that has to be kept in mind is the products you choose and the quality of product.

I am glad I came across this brand called EKAM

Being a mom or a working woman, we woman always complain about not getting enough time to take care of ourselves and pamper our skin. Running into a salon every now and then is not a good idea at all, especially if you’re a mom like me. So this time I am sorted with indulging in the experience of EKAM products.


Ekam is one of the luxury brands that offers you a wide variety of products from scented candles to personal care products. Ekam is one such brand which innovates new products ensuring its customers until they are pleased. All their products are elegant to look and beautifully packed. Sit back and enjoy the review of the most relaxing products that I encountered.

1.shimmering rays face and body mask.

With glycerine and white bentonite.

Product claims;

*bentonite expels toxins

*kaolin removes excess oil.

*glycerine moisturize the skin.

*the mask soothes the sensitive skin.

*balances the PH of oily skin.

My personal experience:

The turquoise color of the mask makes it feel like an oceanic experience.

It smells like an ocean filled with clay.

The mask is creamy and gives spa vibe for sure.

There is a tingling sensation and cooling effect immediately after applying the mask.

Its gentle on skin and easy to use.

Unlike other mask that dries out and makes skin-tight, this washes off quickly without scrubbing.

Makes skin softer and smoother right after the wash.

Acne spots got reduced just after first wash.

This product is suitable for oily and sensitive skin.

The packaging of the product is excellent. I loved their Maldives range product collection. The colors of these packaging will surely give the beach vibe.


price: Rs. 590 for 100 gms.

2. Morning dew scrub.

With sea buckthorn oil, lemon and rosemary extract.

Product claims;

*the scrub removes dead cells and impurities.

*the oil exfoliates the skin and help protects it from sun damage and free radicals.

*glycerine soothes the skin and locks moisture.

*improves skins overall texture.

*lemon brightens and lightens the skin when used over time.

My personal experience.

The texture of the scrub is very creamy.

Very light on skin.

Spreads evenly hence very easy to massage and wash.

The fresh smell stays on skin for a while.

The exfoliating granules of these scrubs work wonders to skin.

There is immediate soft, radiant and squeaky clean skin.

Skin doesn’t feel dry. Keeps the skin moisturized for a long time.

Not a travel friendly pack but definitely a home spa experience.

The packaging of this product comes under luxury. Double box packaging and air tight container that takes in 300 ml of the scrub.

It surely gives a salon experience.


price: Rs.900 for 300 ml.

3. coco island sunscreen lotion

SPF 30 with glycerine.

Product claims:

*light and mildly scented.

*protects the skin from harmful UV rays.

*keeps the moisture locked


SPF 30

sun protection factor is a measure of a sunscreens ability to prevent UVB from damaging the skin. Dermatologists recommend using a SPF 15 or SPF 30 sunscreen.

My personal experience.

I was never aware of how a sunscreen can protect the skin, when I deep studied this topic I came into light the importance of it. I was glad to know that this lotion has SPF 30 which is amazing to the level of protection it gives to skin.

The lotion is again very soft on skin.

The lotion comes in a pump bottle and making it even easier to use.

Non greasy/oily after use.

Recommended to use 15 minutes prior skin exposure to sun.

this sunscreen has higher staying capability.

Works as a moisturizer as well.

Easy to carry and travel friendly.

This comes under their Maldives range of skin care.

Price: Rs.590 for 100ml.


I would highly recommend the ekam products.

If you are stressed from work or anything, try the EKAM products. Relax and enjoy the day with their spa range or Maldives range. You’ll surely thank me later for the recommendation.

Ekam products will ensure that one has a great relaxing and calming day.

Rating 5 out of 5


that’s it for now

until we meet again

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Review: the beauty co India.

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When it comes to taking care of your skin it’s never something that’s taken for granted. It’s a responsibility! We often neglect taking care of it. Skin needs all kind of pampering. Whether its removing the makeup so that the skin breathes or following a skin care routine. I have got you all sorted with one of the famous brand that I came across.

The beauty co India.

This brand is famous for its coffee scrubs! Yes you heard that right. Coffee is one of the most abundant sources of antioxidants. These are coffee scrubs that are blended with activated charcoal, chocolate, coffee sugar, mango and strawberry. the brand offers you a wide range of coffee scrubs and one can choose from the variety according to personal preferences.

The company believes in helping woman to become the best version of themselves.

Benefits of coffee for skin.

Antioxidants fight premature aging of skin due to heat, pollution, light and damaging free radicals.

Company claims.

*smoothens rough oily skin.

*removes dirt and grind.

*gently exfoliates dull and flaky skin

*rejuvenates dull skin.

*ingredients that prevent premature aging.

*natural oils and sugar content deeply moisturize skin.

*soft, smooth and radiant skin.

My personal experience:

I was glad to receive the 2 variants which was my personal favorite too. Strawberry and mango flavored coffee scrubs.

The beauty co India coffee scrub


Anything that smells strawberry becomes my favorite.

This smells exactly like a freshly squeezed strawberry mixed with coffee.

The beauty co india coffee scrub.


Mangoes are something which you’ll not get the whole of the year. But what if I tel you that scrubs from the beauty co has a mango flavored coffee scrubs that makes justice to your skin more than mango satisfies your tongue. It smells more of a coffee with a hint of mango.

The first thing I most liked about this product is that these are made from organic coffee beans, fruits extracts and sugar.

The scrub texture is like a sand mixed with coffee.

I loved how the scrub made my skin smooth and radiant instantly after wash.

The oil present in it makes skin smooth.

And to my surprise the smooth feeling on skin stayed for almost 6 hrs straight.

Body smelled wonderful throughout the day.

I would suggest to use it on a daily basis for soft and smooth skin throughout.

The packaging of the product was way too good. Comes with a zip lock packet. Not a travel friendly though.

it’s priced decent.

I absolutely love the good vibe I get after every use, trust me!


coffee robusta seed powder, sugar, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, himalayan pink rock salt, vitamin E, perfume.

How to use.

Take the required quantity of the beauty co. scrub and gently spread on wet skin. Massage on circular motion. Leave it on skin for 3 to 5 min, then rinse. Pat dry with a towel.

Rating: 5.

price: Rs.599.

Availability: online stores

nykaa, amazon,

not easily available offline.

Overall this is one such product which gives instant results be it be soft skin or radiant skin.

I would definitely recommend this product.

That’s it guys

until we meet again,

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Review:livon serum.

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It’s been long I reviewed a product.

Since it’s Ramadan and I don’t have much time I thought of reviewing product that’s always on my closet.

Frizzy hair,tangled hair,dry hair and bad hair days are the ones which I always face. Thanks to my curls who has never seen good hair days!

My problem with my hair has begun since childhood and my love for straight hair was always a dream. Finally for my wedding I had permission to straighten my hair! Little did I know the side effects later on! After 1 year of my straight hair obviously I had tons of pictures of my good hair days I started feeling that my hair growth has the same old story. My hair fall was in full slay and there was damages as well.

Now, with my old curly hair I have a temporary solution whenever I feel my hair is not that satisfying.


Hair serums are silicone based product which coats the surface of your hair!

It’s a serum which has vitamin E and known for one of the affordable serums. With a mild fragrance and lots of benefits let’s have a detailed look on the product.

I have been using this serum for almost a year now and am quite happy about it. After a lot of recommendations from the beauticians from various beauty parlour recommending various brand I thought of giving LIVON a try!

Company claims:

*control frizz

*ease out tangles

*reduces breakage

*silky hair

*shiny hair


My personal experience

*instant tangle free hair

*glossier and shinier hair when compared to no serum days

*spreads evenly and doesn’t give a sticky texture

*its transparent in texture and not at all thick which I really liked!

*light on hair

*travel friendly

*budget friendly [when compared to other serums]

*amazing packaging (love for pink)

*the only drawback I felt is it doesn’t last longer.

How to apply:

After shampooed and towel dried damp hair take few drops and gently rub on the palm

And spread evenly on the hair length.

Start from the middle then to the bottom of your hair length.

Comb well and you’re good to go!

Available in all drug stores,supermarkets,hyper markets and online stores

Price: ₹230/- for 100ml.

rating: 4/5

I would definitely recommend to buy it and try it

At least then you would know how the product works!

Do let me know how was your experience

That’s it for now

Until we meet again

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Review softsens baby care range.

Hello everybody.

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IMG_6400Being a mother, the quest for safer and organic products is never sorted. I as a mother google a lot about how my daughter can stay away from all the chemicals around. Well, I think I am quite satisfied with the bath and baby care range from the brand called Softsens.

If you are following me on Instagram, you might already know that I recently received softsens’s baby care range and used it on my boss girl. She seems to be enjoying and I thought of reviewing it here. So, let’s get started!

I received their complete baby care collection to try on that includes the following.



massage oils are not my kid’s thing now because she doesn’t really like being oiled. And for the fact that she has left the age of massages long back. i still gave a try. The oil is light which is very good when you give a good massage. It spreads evenly and makes skin soft. What I most liked about it is its not greasy and oily at all after use. I am going to use it more often now. keeps her skin well hydrated.


200 ml-rs.165.



There were 2 baby soap range

Milk bar and natural bar.Its paraben free and no added colors makes them unique. It leaves the skin soft and the fragrance is quite appealing. its rich, creamy soft lather that cleanses the skin. It has a new born fragrance. Refreshed many of my nostalgic moments.

price: 75g-rs.45

100gm*3 -rs.135.


IMG_E6843The wash has been our favorite and my kid enjoys using it. Its mild and the fragrance is quite appealing. The wash is enriched with natural milk cream and shea butter. Its transparent in color and foams well. It is not very thick in consistency, lil watery. Little amount of it suffices the whole body.

200 ml -rs.142.


IMG_E6851This was the first time I used shampoo on my babys hair. Obviously for the fact that I dint wanted my babys hair to dry out and look frizzy. But my first experience experimenting with softsens baby shampoo has been a hit. It doesn’t dry out and hair looks good enough even after hours of shampooing. Nourishes the babys hair and scalp. It makes hair soft and smooth. The fragrance again is like the other products of softsens. Enriched with natural plant-based essential oils. My baby’s hair smelled amazing and lasted really long. its transparent and foams really well. A coin size of it is good to go. Its also tear free which is best part of this shampoo.

200 ml-rs.156.


IMG_E6847Baby lotion are the ones which I never skip because of the frequent climate changes your baby need moisturization. This lotion is white in color and I loved their consistency. I always liked lotion with a little thick base. It moisturizes skin well and doesn’t dry out quick. It hydrates and nourishes babys skin leaving it soft.The fragrance is similar like that of other products of softsens. And I must say the fragrance has stayed on my Baby’s skin for almost 12hrs.

200 ml- rs.142.


IMG_E6849I use baby cream only on face. I never experimented on creams and always glued to one expensive and imported product. I always step back when it comes to trying on babys face. Well when I read about their baby care range I was assured that product is all worth for such budget friendly range. Enriched with natural milk cream and shea butter. Its white in color and a coin size suffices. It keeps the skin nourished and hydrated for hours. Fragrance is mild and doesn’t last longer. It is little greasy when applied and dries out quick.



Wipes are the ones which is my favorite among all baby care products. Why u ask? Its because of its refreshing smell and constant mommy use! the wipes I received contains aloe vera. Its free from paraben,alcohol and color. The wipes were smaller than usual may be because of the smaller packaging. Its obviously travel friendly. I loved the smell. Its too good. I used this more on myself.

price:pack of 20-rs.60

pack of 80-rs.200.



Baby powder is one I never used because of the effect of talc. The baby powder from softsens claims to be hypoallergenic. It contains natural plant-based ingredients which protects the baby’s skin from prickly heat making baby feel cool and comfortable. Its very light and I enjoyed using it.

Price: 200 gm-rs.110.

Pros of softsens

100% safe for baby.



Not tested on animals.

Free of parabens and harmful chemicals.

Contains pure and natural plan-based ingredients and essential oils.

Budget friendly

Fragrance is amazing and similar.

Loved the color coordinated packaging.

Loved their motto “inspired by moms,  developed by experts.


I felt all the products smelled same.

I also did not like the foams of the bath care range.

i would definitely recommend this.

I try the baby products first on myself then on my baby!

Rating;4 OUT OF 5.

Their product is available here

also available on online stores like amazon, flipkart, firstcry, etc.

That’s it for now

Until we meet again, 

Stick around.




Review: the moms co.

Hello everybody.

IMG_E4405Do u believe experience is the teacher of all things? Well that was the case of the founder of this brand. She was introduced to toxin free and chemical free products when she was in Australia and she was carrying. But when she returned to India and she was pregnant with her second one she could not find the right products. That’s how she thought of making something for Indian moms. I am glad that I met her and so inspired by her work. she has literally gifted motherhood with“themomsco”.

IMG_E4410The moms co natural calming wash.

The wash is a combination of coconut-based cleansers lavender essential oil and pro vitamin b5. A toxin free range which naturally moisturize and essential oils that calm and relax.

IMG_E4427What the company claims

*toxin free.

*mild coconut-based cleansers for gentle cleaning while restoring skins natural moisture.

*pro vitamin b5 for enhanced moisturizing.

*patchouli essential oil to relieve stress.

*lavender essential oil for calming and relaxing.

My personal experience.

I am already in love with their toxin free range and i regret knowing what all goes inn a chemical range product.

The wash has a creamy transparent texture and moisturizes well.

It has mild fragrance of essential oil and it soothes.

I enjoyed the moderate foam it gave.

It leaves the skin well moisturized and doesn’t dry out.

It makes skin soft and smooth.

The fragrance last long and I love the fact that it smells nature.

I once used it on my daughter because I could not find her soap #naughtytoddler. I dint think twice before using it because I know what goes in there.

Price: Rs.348 for 200ml.

Rating:5 out of 5.


The moms co natural body butter.

IMG_E4428The natural body butter is a combination of shea and cocoa butters, seabuckthorn and rosehip oils. Soothes itchy, stretching skin.

What the company claims.

*cocoa and shea butter that moisturize and soothe.

*seabuckthorn oil, rich in vitamins and omega 3,6,9 and 7 known for its skin healing ability.

*rosehip oil rich in antioxidants and carotenoids to support collagen synthesis.

*natural vitamin E to prevent skin damage.

My personal experience.

Its used for pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding baby. But I have used this as a body lotion.

It’s creamy and lightish orange in color.

I loved the fragrance and it lasts up to 8hrs minimum.

It gives a buttery texture when u apply it on your skin.

Leaves moisturized for quite a long time and doesn’t dry out.

Loved their packaging with extra lid.

Travel friendly.

Its lil overpriced but ‘love without compromise’.

Price: Rs.699 for 200g.

Rating:5 Out of 5 (obviously)

The moms co natural foot cream.

With argan oil, natural vitamin E and peppermint essential oil. It relives swollen ankles and feet.

What the company claims.

*peppermint essential oil to cool and provide relief to swollen feet.

*shea butter that moisturize ankles.

*sweet almond, argan and olive oils to nourish.

*natural vitamin E known to prevent skin damage.

My personal experience.

I never knew there would be products like these and that too chemical free ones! I feel unfortunate for not having this in my first pregnancy where I had severe leg cramps and stuff. But nevertheless, this will be the first one to buy for my second pregnancy in shaa Allah (if Allah wills).

I still get leg cramps now and I have used this for the same.

It really gives relief when u apply and massage thoroughly.

Its white in color and lil creamy.

It has a mild fragrance and it mostly smells peppermint for me.

Leaves the feet moisturized overnight.

Travel friendly.

Price: Rs.249 for 50 g (steal deal)

How to use:

Massage the foot cream in circular motions onto your ankles and feet before heading to bed or as needed. For an extra cooling sensation, store the cream in your fridge.

“what we keep out

All toxins such as mineral oil, parabens, sulphates, SLS|SLES, phenoxyethanol and more”

I would recommend buying their products and give it a try. I can assure you your buy will be worth.

Their products are online @amazon and @nykaa.

Their products are:

*Australian certified TOXIN FREE

*Australian allergy certified.

That’s it for now.

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Review:Himalaya baby lotion and Himalaya baby soap.

Hello Everybody.
IMG_2885Babies are the most delicate and close to our heart creatures. When it comes to exploring them to the outside world and outside elements it gets real tough for baby as well as baby’s skin. We as parents make sure they get the best quality for them and make sure they are comfortable using them.
Himalaya is a brand since 1930 and I got noticed about the products only in recent times. Himalaya has a quite a range of baby products. I have been using their “extra moisturizing baby soap” and “baby lotion” for almost a year now. It really does a great job for baby’s skin.

Himalaya baby lotion
I have been using this product for a year now and I am quite impressed with the results. The product claims to make skin soft and smooth. It contains almond oil and olive oil. its free from parabens, mineral oil and synthetic colors.
The company claims that the lotion is enriched with almond oil that restores skin moisture, olive oil which improves skin lustre and yastimadhu and country mallow which soothes skin.
IMG_2888My personal experience
The lotion has smooth texture which is good when you give a massage after bath.
The lotion contains mild fragrance and it does not last long.
Its white and in a creamy texture.
The packaging is simple and attractive.
My daughter loves the lotion and never experienced any itching or rashes.
Moisturizes when applied and dries out quick.
I really love that it has natural herbal content in it.
Easily available and budget friendly.

The product is available in all drug store, supermarkets and online stores as well.
Costs around Rs.85 for 100 ml.
And the product expires in 2 years from the date of manufacture.
Rating :4 out of 5.
Would I recommend this product?
Himalaya baby soap.


I am using Himalaya extra moisturizing baby soap for the past 6 mainly claims for dry skin. My kid has been enjoying this and no there is no issues with her skin. Its has mild fragrance and foams lather easily.
What the company claims:
* The soap claims to be free from parabens, animal fats and synthetic colors.
*it’s mild and soothing soap that replenishes lost moisture while cleansing the baby’s skin gently.
*its enriched with aloe that restores the moisture balance and soothes skin.
*olive oil and almond oil are rich in vitamins that moisturize, nourish and protect the skin.
*it contains milk, which helps improve skin texture by softening and smoothing skin.
My personal experience,
*it moisturizes my baby’s skin well.
*it has mild fragrance.
*the packaging of the soap is too good with extra protection of a plastic wrap inside the box.
*Bangalore has a cool weather thus I like the soap which is best suited for winter weathers.
*the soap is white in color and I feel it’s safe and pure😊
*its easy to use and can be rinsed off easily.
*no harmful chemicals and no artificial color.
*it has ayurvedic content which I really love.
*easily available.
*budget friendly and travel friendly.

The product is available in all drug stores, supermarkets and online store.
It costs RS.45 for 75g.
Rating: 4 out of 5.
Would I recommend this product?Yes!

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below😊
That’s it for now.
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Review: seba med baby cream extra soft

Hello everybody

Today I am going to review seba med baby cream. Seba med is a Germany product. It has a quite range of baby products. Much recommended for new born as it is a trusted product of most of the mothers.

IMG_3205When it comes to buying product for your little one we try to be choosy and we buy the best and the most trusted ones. And I must say that seba med products are worthy.

About the product:

Protects and cares with 42% lipid formula

It soothes irritation and promotes regeneration.

Its ideally for ph 5.5 skin.

what the company claims:

promotes the development of the skins protective acid mantle.

a protective film without interfering with the skins breathing.

Indicated for contact chafing and protection of the nappy area.

Intensive protection for delicate baby skin.

Safeguards against harmful environmental influences.


img_3211.jpgMy personal experience:

This cream has been my companion since my baby’s birth. I really love the way it moisturizes the skin and doesn’t makes skin dry. I have even used it as a nappy cream. Seba med has always been my favorite when it comes to baby products.

*the product moisturizes baby’s skin and leaves it oily and never dries out.

*easy to apply.

*the cream is thick in consistency and spreads evenly when you massage all over baby’s skin.

*it is white in color and free from color additives.

*it does not have any fragrance and thus free from harmful fragrance components.

*little amount of it is sufficient for the day.

*packaging is very simple, white bottle with blue flip top.

(I love the color bdw)

*the product is little pricey but for the quality it’s worth the money.

The product is available in drug stores and online.

Its Rs.630 for 200 ml.

Would i recommend this product?


Rating:5 OUT OF 5!

Thats it for now

Untill we meet again

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Review:clean and clear brightening berry face wash

Hello everybody.
So, this is my official first review.

IMG_2291I have been using clean and clear morning energy face wash for years now and I am quite impressed with it. I am that category person who feels face wash does all the magic. I started using this product right after my marriage. Just randomly picked from a supermarket obviously attracted to the tiny cute bottle.

About the face wash.
Name:Clean and clear morning energy face wash brightening berry.
It is oil free.
It has natural berry extracts with bursting beads.

What I really love about this product is that bursting beads. I enjoy the stinging sensation it gives when you massage your face with it. I even try to burst it on my pimple and gently rub through it.

I have literally felt the difference when i had forgot my face wash in native and i had to stick my school days companion SOAP.i could feel my face rough. i really felt bad about it. the next day i rushed to my supermarket to get it. after i used it i felt home!


The rich foam of this face wash rigorously cleans dirt and oil. It really gives that energetic vibe when your skin feels dull. I absolutely love the berry fragrance it contains and the color. As it says in the packaging that ‘gives you morning energy anytime of the day’ is authentic.
A coin size of it and you are done for the day.
I really love their packaging. It comes with purple flip top and a transparent bottle with pink liquid and bursting beads. The flip top of this bottle makes sure that it does not spill and is a great travel companion.
The face wash claims to have a special ingredient that helps in preventing common skin problems, without over drying.

The face wash is available in all local stores and online.
Its costs up to rs.70 for 50ml.
And rs.130 for 100ml.
Its expiry is mostly 2 to 3 years from manufacture.
Absolutely budget friendly.
The only downside of this product is that there are no ingredients mentioned in the packaging.
Rating :4.5 out of 5.
Of course, yes!

Do let me know about your views on this product in the comment section below.

That’s it for now.

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