The weight loss drama.

Hello everybody.

Hope you’re doing well.

I’ve always loved reading, whenever I had some time in hand i read an article in a newspaper, in my WhatsApp group or even in a magazine at reception desk. My love for reading took a step ahead in my pregnancy. I was at moms and obviously I wasn’t allowed to do a lot of house chores and I was left with the only option to read articles. i kept a close track on the weekly pregnancy changes in body. Sometimes my gynecologist was very much astonished to see me asking for details that no patient ask.

I also felt that post pregnancy weight loss articles had a lot of drama than the articles I read about pregnancy. There were tips, tricks, food habits, gym, yoga, GREEN TEA!

I saw few people coming up to me and politely saying that I’ve put on weight! ‘Wow as if I dint know that already and thank you for making me feel worse!!’ Did I also mention that this was said just after a month of my baby’s arrival? I don’t understand the concept where in everyone wants a slim and good-looking wife, a baby after 1 or 2 years of marriage and immediately after the pregnancy the wife should look all glammed up. If a baby takes 9 months don’t expect a woman to get to her pre pregnancy weight overnight.

There are 100 more things happening in her life. The new baby, mood swings, hormonal changes in the body, the severe pain, advises, dos and don’ts etc. she’s already having a tough time and it’s not a good idea to make her feel worse about her weight.

According to me we learn about weight loss only after the pregnancy because before that we dint face an issue of weight. Most of the girls or women are in a good happy weight before pregnancy and what happens right after pregnancy is that you start researching about the weight loss as a first timer. So there are different methods of losing weight and as you are the first timer you may not really know which one suits well for your body.

The first 6 months of baby and mother is crucial. The baby needs utmost care and attention at this particular time. So as a first timer it’s very risky to experiment with your body or diet at this stage.

Do not come under anybody’s pressure to lose weight especially for the first 6 months, stress will not make you lose weight.

All rights reserved exclusively for YOU!

Another major thing I want to disclose here is that LOVE YOUR BODY.

Make a promise to yourself to take care of your body because as I said earlier it’s your right.

Get fitter not because everyone’s asking you to,

But for yourself.

Stick to your roots. Having healthy homemade food, avoiding excess sugar and junk itself makes a lot of difference.

It’s always a good feeling to fit into your old clothes.

Most of the women face knee and joint pain in their mid-40s and it’s majorly because of the weight. If we observe closely the large amount of people who walk/jog in the park are uncle and aunties.

It’s obviously a good feeling of that sight but it’s a big lesson for us that taking care of our body at the right time is an important factor.

Let’s not just wait until our doctors’ advice to do some sort of exercise rather be fit and expect an unexpected compliment!

Don’t lose hope, day one or one day the call is yours!

There is always a person who cheers and motivates

And one such is my better half!

Alhamdulillah ❤️

I believe in motivation and I hope this serves as one.

That’s it for now guys.

Until we meet again,

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An early mother.

Hello everybody

Hope you’re doing great.

A topic that i wanted to pen down here since a long time but never attempted it for the short of words I had towards it.

The 20 years old I was confident enough to go through labor and responsible enough to up bring a child. The people here on social media come to me with questions like why?

Can I please tell them they are no answers for your WHY’s?

Why it is a mother’s age even a factor to determine if she can have a baby?

A mother is born when a child is given birth. A women knows her responsibility as soon as she knows there is another life inside her body. Age is just the number. If a mother can go through the hardest and painful thing called LABOR, you’re not aware of the power she has inside her.

There is nothing like a perfect age to get pregnant and have a baby. If its 18 or 35, unless your body is in a good healthy condition you are good to go. It’s actually your body, your mind and your heart which should be ready to accept the challenge coming ahead. Upbringing a child is not everyone’s cup of tea. That’s why most of the time its women who sacrifice their dream job, their leisure, their sound sleep to give time and attention to their child.

We women are born with a super power to grow a baby inside us. That is the miracle of god and no women will ever accept the fact that it’s an easy-going process. It takes enough courage to even think about it. An example of courage,

In India the average children in a family is usually two. So imagine when a mother gives birth to the first one she knows very clearly the pain she goes through yet again she becomes mother for the second time without even giving a thought of the pain she went through with the first one.

If the switch board has got some electric issues and you touch it by mistakenly, would you mind to touch the electric shock again? Well, that’s what happens when a mother goes through the labor for the second time. Yet she forgets the pain when the tiny baby is wrapped around her arms.

That’s how beautiful a women’s heart is.

The society thinks she is weak, her sole responsibility is to take care of the house or the kids, and she has no rights to give her opinion on any issues.

Every women deserves to be treated well. There are stay at home mums(sahm), working mum, mompreneur, mom who work at home, women who work late, women who work very early, women in the fields, women flying a plane etc. we see women in all fields these days and it is a proud moment for a nation like India where a woman was kept out of the house for the five days every month.

“A women is like a tea bag you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water”

The quote explains it all.

So ladies, you’re already doing a fab job.

As a mother, as a sister, as a wife, as a daughter


No one knows what is good for you except your creator alone.

Trust your instincts and follow your dream.

(a woman will never forget her responsibility of taking care her family)

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Log kya kahenge.

Hello everybody.

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One of the famous phrase I grew up hearing is log kya kahenge (what will people say). I am sure this is quite common in almost everyone’s life. I used to wonder who these “people” are that everyone wants to please. It took me quite a long time to know and understand the concept of this. It’s like we are living a life only to please them.

The other thing that go hand in hand with the above phrase is show off. Life has become a major competition where you’re competing with people of similar possessions. The best expensive hospitals, the best schools, best clothing, best cars, best houses etc.

i too choose the best for myself or my family, we all want best of best right? But the BEST should never turn into a show off!

We humans are never ever satisfied with whatever we have in our lives. The things you own now, was a dream few years back. But we don’t care about it, what we care is about the future plans. The more the wants are satisfies the more you ask for it.

Is the above paragraph based on economics? 🤣Well it sounded like that of a dimension law. Jokes apart that’s been life. We make life so complicated that we often forget to enjoy and believe that there’s only one life to live. For some of them life becomes stressful, complicated, depressed, sad and unhappy. When we start pleasing others that’s when life becomes unhappy.

This reminds me of a recent incident that happened in my life. Last month I had been to my native and I did get to attend a lot of weddings, family function and get together. What I started noticing is that people started asking this frequent question to me and that started bothering me a lot.

“Your daughter is already three right?

“When are u having your next baby”?

 “You should have already had your second baby by now”?

Surprisingly, these interrogating questions were asked by few people whom I met for the first time. The first few times I was asked these questions I was ignoring of course. But later on it started haunting me. I was lost in deep thoughts thinking about this.

People said,

“The 2.5 age gap is the best age difference between your kids,

“The bonding of siblings are great at this particular time,

“It’s easier to up bring 2 kids of smaller age,

“It becomes difficult once you start growing old,

“My mom will not be able to take care of me and my ‘new baby’ because even she is aging.

And a lot more.

When the suggestions are given by my family members I know it’s out of concern they have towards me and I respect it. But suggestions coming from a random person

I don’t know if all of these suggestion I got is true or false. But it made me sad. I then realized that I am losing my track and this is something that should never ever bother me.

I started thinking about few women whom I know personally and are really trying hard to have a baby. It might be the health conditions or it might be a patience test for them.

What about them?

Trust me these question are not less than a taunt.

so, Think before you speak.

On a happier note,

Let’s be happy! 😊

Let’s not make someone’s life complicated. 👍

Let’s make this place a better place to live.💕

Let’s be a better person. 😍

This is based on my experience. No offence to my dearest people who already have two or more kids 😉

That’s it for now guys.

Until we meet again,

Stick around.

What to pack for hospital bag(baby version)

Hello everybody.

Hope you’re having an amazing week.

When I was almost due I had a mixed feeling because I was going to be a new mom. As a first time mother its hard to predict what is going to happen in labor or the baby. It becomes quite challenging as well to imagine things that is going to happen at the hospital.

I was excited kind of person because I had lost all patience with my pregnancy and I wanted to meet the person inside me. I remember I tried packing my hospital bag way too before than I was due. For me entering my third trimester meant to shop for your imaginary baby, packing hospital bag in other words to bid goodbye to pregnancy. that’s the main reason that made me feel that my third trimester was the most slow days of my life. Thanks to my mum who always stopped me to pack my hospital bags and that was last on the list.

So I had packed my bag with the help of my mom (always grateful) just 2 weeks before due.

It’s very important to be ready with the hospital bag especially if you’re a first time mom because it is hard to assume when labor says hi to you! And it’s also important to take the right things with you to the hospital especially for your little one so that there is no last moment panics.

Make sure all the clothes of baby is washed in plain water and sun-dried to avoid skin rashes.

1.diaper bag.

Yes its time for you to say goodbye to all your fancy sling bags (only to first time moms because other moms are already living life with diaper bags). So choose a diaper bag which has a lot of compartments and big enough to fit all the necessity of a new-born. Also do not buy a huge bag which could be difficult to carry later on. Be firm with the colors you choose because you don’t want to end up washing bags every time.


you can totally skip this step if you’re planning on cloth diapering. Diapers play a prominent role here so choose the best of brand and the quality to avoid rashes and other skin related problems. Babies are very sensitive its better to avoid diapers the whole day so that their skin gets time to breathe. Things look a little different here because some moms prefer diapers some may prefer cloth diapering or some may prefer just plain clothes wrapped. So it’s totally a mother choice in what suits their baby best.

I would suggest to keep 2 to 3 nappy pads as new-born experience meconium. (its nothing but new born first bowel movement)


All the clothes of the new-born must be washed. I do not give a lot of preference on what color a new born should wear. There should be at least 4 to 5 pairs. It could be rompers, cotton jhablas, sleep suits, onesies or any thing that is comfortable. Also make sure what season of the year is and adjust clothing accordingly. It’s always better to keep an extra pair of clothes because it may get dirtier and you would not want to go out of stock at the hospital. Neither over dress the baby nor under dress the baby.


I would suggest a baby soap/baby wash, diaper rash cream, body lotion, baby cream, wet wipes. Also make sure to choose a brand that you’re familiar with and never experiment with the new-born skin.

5.white sheets.

White cloth that’s wrapped around a new-born is always pure to see. I prefer white plain cotton sheets to be used for a new born. There are a lot of colorful plain cotton sheets as well. There is a wide variety of cotton sheets that’s present in the market. Totally up to a mom on what she chooses.

6. caps, mittens and booties.

Because why not! We as mothers always want our lil one to look extra cute with these tiny colorful things. And its important to cover your baby’s head and feet so that they don’t catch up cold.

7. waterproof sheet protector and changing mat.

To avoid bed getting dirty or wet from baby’s spit up, pee or milk.

8.soft towel.

Carry 2 soft towel for baby’s bath and wash. And try to use a dry towel and never a wet towel. Dry the towel after every use.


New born likes to be cozy and warm always. So buy a soft and warm blanket. light cotton sheet will do good for summers.

10.hand towels or soft cotton squares.

new-born spit up or spills. Its better to keep small hand towels ready.

That’s I how I packed my hospital bag. I had to strain my brain to write this up as it’s almost 3 years since I packed my hospital bag. I am still fresh with the goosebumps I got when I held her.

It’s indeed a greatest blessing that one could experience motherhood. It doesn’t have a definition its an emotion. I wish and pray every woman experience the magic of motherhood in their lives.

That’s it for now guys.

Until we meet again,

stick around.

Pregnancy series (part 1)

IMG_4601Hello everybody

So whenever I talk or write about my pregnancy either I smile or ill be like…um okay!

When I got pregnant I was in Dubai probably planning to explore the city,visit places and try their extra ordinary food.

But who knew what was coming our way.

Well alhamdulillah(all praise is to Allah)I was super nervous,super excited and super new to all that’s happening with me.

I had already done a small research on pregnancy and was mostly about nausea,sleeplessness and tons of advises.

I know that sounds a little weird but I told myself yes!!I am ready lets face it!

1st trimester

When I officially confirmed my pregnancy.. my hubby was very excited..i always thought of giving him a surprise like that which I saw on you tube,trust me that never happens in our lives.. I wonder why?

Later I consulted a gynace in Dubai she was a very sweet lady but with lots of precautions..i was told not eat seafood and meat!and also to take lots of rest and suggested not to roam around in the city,i was just talking about exploring city and going crazy with food right??

And not to forget my morning sickness woke me up in the morning instead of my alarm clock.nausea played well during my day and sleeplessness was on swing at night..sounds adventures right!!

I love sweets but when I was preg I used to feel sick when I saw them..when I write this I wonder why that ever happened☹

Other than that I did not have anything else because I was expecting to faint n fall like our Bollywood movies😊..but I had also heard a lot of symptoms from other mommy’s as well and when I compared..I felt my pregnancy was way much better than others alhamdulillah!

I had already decided my baby’s name!i obviously wanted baby girl because I believed she is always a I had decided a girl baby name already..AFAF

Back then that name was just a name.. now its my world!

My first trimester ended in the end of my trimester I came down to Bangalore.

That’s the end of my first trimester.

Okay that’s it people..

See you real soon with my 2nd trimester.

Feel free to comment and don’t forget to share.

Assalamu alaikum.