pregnancy series(part 2)

Hello everybody.

My second trimester

Well,as said I came down to Bangalore at the end of my first trimester.if you are wondering what am up to please read my previous blog😉

I was very happy to be home..because I really missed Bangalore,my home,my favorite things that I did not take along and the climate of coarse.

My second trimester had really done me a favor. i could eat anything because my Bangalore gynac was kind a cool. Continue reading “pregnancy series(part 2)”

Pregnancy series (part 1)

Hello everybody

So whenever I talk or write about my pregnancy either I smile or ill be like…um okay!

When I got pregnant I was in Dubai probably planning to explore the city,visit places and try their extra ordinary food.

But who knew what was coming our way.

Well alhamdulillah(all praise is to Allah)I was super nervous,super excited and super new to all that’s happening with me. Continue reading “Pregnancy series (part 1)”