life updates!

Hello everybody.

Hope you’re doing well.

Ah! It feels age’s I’ve come up here to write something. I hope you missed reading my blogs and I thought of giving you guys a little update why I was MIA.

First thing first, I was at my mums for 3 weeks and I completely missed my space where I could peacefully write. I would next blame my little one because her afternoon nap is rescheduled to late evenings and it’s completely not worth opening a laptop in front of her. I kind of missed the track and whenever I sat down to write my mind wouldn’t be focused. Then I thought of taking a small break which turned to a month.

It’s been a month I haven’t published any blog and I felt terrible when I realized I took a longer break than needed. Usually a break is taken when you feel low, disheartened, sad or depressed. Well that wasn’t the case with me. But sometimes unusual break is a good sign to start-up again with more energy and more enthusiasm.

We all feel low sometimes and it’s as natural as eating food. One should understand that life cannot be perfect because this is not a fairytale but a rollercoaster ride where you feel everything in one go. Life does not promise anything, so it’s better to enjoy more and worry less. One should also believe that stressing never gives a solution rather it makes the situation worse.

October has been a busy month and there were a lot of good things that happened. As I was at my mums, I had no responsibility towards anything I literally took an interval in life.

I was delighted to be part of two amazing events that took place few days ago. One being a pop up event by the qurikipedia Bangalore. The pop-up event had lot of fun activities for kids, amazing kids curated shopping and delicious spread of food.

Being a johnson’s baby myself I had an opportunity to attend the café meet of Johnson and Johnson’s at Bangalore. I was invited as a blogger and it felt so good knowing that the brand has changed itself inside out. The brand has transformed and came up with more gentle, more pure and more chemical free products. The host and the team answered every concern a mom had towards the safety of her little one, and I am sure every mom who attended this event was convinced.

Life’s been good Alhamdulillah!

That’s it!

So a clear message here is no stress= happy life,

If that doesn’t work just take a small break from your routine and then kick-start with the BANG!

That’s it for now guys

A lot of topics coming up here,

Until we meet again

Stick around.

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