Traveling with toddlers.

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IMG_8190Traveling and exploring different cities is something that I would always look up to.

Be it be summer, winter or autumn. Traveling to a different city, eating their traditional food and taking a little break from the routine is never a bad idea.

I’ve always loved traveling whether it’s with friends or with family or as a couple. But as a parent it’s quite different from the usual trip. To be specific its always an adventurous trip. I feel traveling with a smaller baby is way much better than with toddlers.

Its unpredictable on toddlers mood. A happy faced toddler may look very excited before the journey begins but could be in worst scenario once the vehicle moves for about 10 kilometers or so.

Usually kids do not enjoy the ride or drive and thus gets fussy.

So here are the few tips that is tried and tested before you begin the adventurous ride:

1. travel during night/nap time.

It’s very important to plan ahead when you’re traveling with babies or kids. It’s always better to take a late night flight/train. Kids usually get tired during the day and end up sleeping.

A very important note here is never jumble with their routine. I used to skip her afternoon nap so that she sleeps early in the train/bus. When she skips her afternoon nap she gets cranky at the end of the day, feeling sleepy and tired, sleeps at the odd times ultimately ruining the sleep schedule.

Never pressurize the kid or their schedule. It’s the parent who need to take extra care.

2.carrying snacks, lots!

Its better to carry a lot of snacks when you’re traveling with toddlers. Taking different kind of snacks and drinks are more attractive to a toddler. Its savior when a kid gets cranky and irritated. One of the easiest way to stop them crying. Taking their favorite food/snack will also serve the purpose very well.

An important reminder here never show them every snacks that you’re carrying because they’ll end up having all of them at once.


3.carrying activities/books.

One of the reason a toddler gets cranky is because they get bored during travel. So one of the easiest way is to make them busy. If your toddler read books then it’s sorted. Or else you could try coloring, carrying crayons, sketch pens, coloring books, few activities.

Activities like telling the colors that they see, things that they see around, spotting animals, singing rhymes, guessing game etc.

4.favorite toy/blanket/soft toy.

Carrying any of their all time favorite toy will make them feel home like. Each kid has one such thing that’s their absolute favorite. So its better to take it when traveling. they’ll end up playing with it thus killing some time.

5.comfortable dressing.

It’s an important factor to dress up comfortably when traveling. It’s basic rule that applies to all be it be babies, kids or elders. Kids are very specific about their clothing. They always prefer a good material and good quality dress. babies/toddlers get cranky very easily even if it’s a tiny cloth tag that is attached to their top or trousers. So Make sure dress up your little one comfortably.

IMG_57286.always favorable to kids.

Traveling is always planned ahead. Dates, tickets, hotel check in etc. are planned way too early. But sometimes there arises a situation where kid falls sick and we get into a confusion. Traveling with a sick baby is itself an untold story. The crankiness are on top-level when traveling with the sick baby.

Its better to reschedule the trip. Or it’ll ruin the whole fun-filled trip.

7.keeping them engaged.

Talking to them is another way of keeping them busy. Especially toddlers love talking.

I know they’ll end up asking 100 more questions than usual. The questions are repetitive that is the most annoying part. That happens with me too and I try to ask them questions and try to answer few of theirs.

Another tip I would suggest is to excite them about the destination. Tel them about the plans, the food and about the stay. If you’re visiting zoo, parks, water parks, themed parks basically which are kids friendly then talk a lot about it and intensify the topic.

IMG_56118.take breaks.

If the travel time is very long, take breaks. If you’re traveling on road you could easily stop and take a tea break or even for some stretching;)

trains/flights it becomes lil difficult. But never say NO to taking break. Walk on aisle, go to washroom or shift seats so that kids don’t get tired sitting in the same position.

9.tissues, wet wipes, hand sanitizer.

One will never have enough tissues and wet wipes during travel particularly if a toddler is accompanying. Also there are chances of lot of germs and bacteria when traveling on public transport.

So it’s always better to take care of our cleanliness.

Always carry spare clothes because it may get dirty at any hour and digging into the heavy luggage bags will obviously waste a lot of time. a cool parent.

Sometimes even all of the above things are taken care there are times when our babies get super cranky. We get tensed about other passengers who are on board with us. But babies are unpredictable. They may be super tired or sleepy or not in a good mood. Getting angry on them is a waste of money. they’ll end up crying more. Instead you could be more sweeter and have a lot of patience.

And about the other passengers I am sure everyone has gone through the same situation or everyone will go through the same situation in the future. So keep calm and have a fun filed travel;)

I hope the travel tips are useful for your next travel.

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Common things in new born

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IMG_6100When a baby is born there is immense joy in family and most happiest is the new parents. With all the joys and happiness that’s experienced when a baby is born,there is equal worries or concerns for a new-born.

Especially if you’re a first time parents. I also believe that every time a child is born be it be first child or the second a new parents are born too. Every baby may experience some common things that is of a less worry.

Here are the most common things in newborns.

1.newborns always likes to be warm. Keeping babies warm helps them stay healthy and comfortable.

It’s a common thing that we see, a baby shivers when you remove or change clothes. Babies like warmth and thus its said baby loves a mothers warmth.

2.its very common that newborns have white spots in nose or cheeks. The white spots are called milia. It usually appears across the nose, cheeks, chin, forehead.

Milia appears a couple of weeks after birth because the oil glands on your baby’s face are still developing.

3.dry skin in newborns.

One of the other thing that every newborn goes through is the dry skin. Newborns are born covered with various fluids. Baby will begin to shed the outer layer of the skin once the fluids are cleaned from their body.

4.newborns passing sticky or dark stool.

Newborns tend to pass a sticky and dark stools on the first 2 to 3 days. That’s called meconium.

Its is sticky, usually olive-green in color and usually odorless.

5.newborn sneezing.

I always notice that there is soft voices from babies that’s usually a sneeze. Now that doesn’t mean they’re cold or sick. That’s a way of clearing the nasal and respiratory passages.

6.loosing weight in the first few days

Babies tend to lose weight in the early days of their lives and that is very common in almost all newborns. Babies are born with some extra fluid, so it’s totally normal for a newborn to drop a few ounces when that fluid is lost in the first few days of life.

They regain the weight within a month or less.

IMG_59907.babies head may have an odd shape.

This is only when a newborn is delivered normally. Babies head is made up of multiple soft, movable and bony plates that allow the head to be molded during the labor so it passes easily through the birth canal.

As time passes by the head is shaped.

8.babies have have sharp nails.

Babies nails are very sharp. Babies nails are softer than us but sharper. Babies tend to end up scratching their own face or yours;). newborns nails  grow fast and you may have to cut them several times.

9.newborns hair.

It’s very common a newborn is born with lot of hair on their head. And it’s totally okay if they have less hair or no hair at all. A baby’s hair color tends to change later on.

10. babies cry a lot in the initial days. That is how they communicate. Baby has only 3 things to do at the first month or two. They’ll commonly cry for milk, poop or if they’re sleepy.

Remember they cannot talk so the only way they’re trying to contact you is through crying. They may cry if they’re feeling cold or if they’re getting hurt somewhere or if they’re feeling hot. Every little communication is done through crying.

So have a lot of patience.;)

it seems easy now when am actually writing this. I feel taking care of newborns are better than keeping a toddler busy. But never going to forget those days with a newborn. It’s never an easy task, first days of a newborn.


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the shatbdi rail experience from Bangalore to Chennai.

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Traveling is something that excites every human being.

I am one such being who gets excited to the level that I research the city as if I am going to invade it. I always double-check the route, the stay, the travel before I plan a trip.

We recently visited Chennai and I was excited for my first travel experience with

shatabdi express Bangalore to Chennai.

It’s one of the fastest and comes under luxury category of trains.

Train experience.

*leaves sharp at time,

hence never expect a delay.

*once you get settled you realize that the seats are very comfortable and enough leg room to relax throughout the journey.

* the train staff give you a bottle of water with the latest newspaper.

*as u browse through the newspaper, you’ll get your preferred tea/coffee with a pack of digestive biscuits and a wet tissue to refresh yourself.

The best part of executive coach is that they serve you your preferred hot drink in cutlery and not in the paper glass which is an amazing part on your train journey.

*after a while, the perfect breakfast is served.

Breakfast saga.

A tray comes in which has 2 slices of bread packed, a sachet of salt and pepper, a sachet of ketchup and a tiny pack of butter.

Then comes in a hot cup of milk and a pack of corn flakes.

We had opted for non-veg.

So, we were served hot egg omelet.

Tea/coffee/green tea to end up the perfect breakfast.

the service and clean up after breakfast is real quick.

the staff is very friendly.

the food option is healthy too.

all the food is sealed, and the hygiene is maintained.

*the seats can be adjusted thus making a relaxed trip.

*the aisle of the executive coach is far better than the usual rush encounter. There can be easy movement without bumping into someone.

*there is a wide row above the seats for the luggage.

The toughened glass completes the look for the luggage aisle and makes the luggage compartment look classy.

*the toilets are clean, and hygiene is maintained.

*there are only 2 stops excluding the arrival and departure stations.

*the train reaches sharp at the time promised

*the armrest and footrest surely make comfortable seat.

There is reading light for every seat.

*the fare for the executive chair car comes approximately around Rs.1500/-

The only drawback I felt is about the pricing. I think the service can be improved for the fare.

I also think cornflakes can be served with cold milk.

Overall its a best experience compared to the usual train rides.

If you’re visiting Chennai, go see the rail museum and spend an hour or two.

You’ll definitely enjoy knowing more about the train history, train development in India and a lot more information on Indian railways.

That’s it for now guys,

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