Review:My Little Moppet Foods.

Hello everyone.

One thing that stresses out every parent is the food. No not about their food but of those tiny tots who throw tantrum whenever they see a plate or a bowl of food. Kids and food are not a great combination most of the time. We mothers do all way possible to make our kids eat some food. From colorful plates to animal shaped roti. We run behind them as if we are trying to fill our tummies. Picky eaters mom will know how it feels when plate full of food is finished! It obviously calls for a party. It’s also important to include nutritious food. It’s a complete game changer when trying food which has all nutrition in it.

Am all sorted this time with some nutritious and healthy food that I came across.

My little moppet foods.

My little moppet is a brand where they try to serve you ready mix of pancakes, baby food and health drinks. Made by the doctor who has given relief to mothers who struggle to give their kids some nutritious food and I am one of them. She wanted to do this for all the busy moms out there who do not get time to prepare healthy and traditional organic homemade food. Without preservatives and chemicals.

All their products are


no sugar

no baking soda or powder

no additives or preservatives.

They have 3 ranges of pancakes.

1.multi millet pancake mix.

Ingredients include finger millet, sorghum, foxtail millet, whole wheat.

Priced at rs.139 for 150 gms.

2.choco ragi mix.

ingredients include finger millet, whole wheat, 100% pure and natural cocoa powder.

Priced at rs.149 for 150 gms.

3.banana oats mix.

organic oats, raw kerala banana powder, whole wheat.

Priced at rs. 150 for 150 gms.

My personal experience.

I was happy to know that it was started by a mom. Because I know what it feels being a mom and starting an own business so that other moms find easy is something not less than an achievement.

The pancake mix smelled like a traditional food that our grandparents used to make for us. I felt the whole wheat is flavored with ragi or banana or millet.

Easy to use. And no mess at all.

It doesn’t taste sweet but I would say well roasted aroma makes it taste really good.

The pancakes get fluffy when mixed and kept for 5 min.

all the ingredients used are organic which is obviously a better option.

Pancake taste real good even when there is no sugar in it. But would suggest to drizzle some honey to taste even better.

The packaging of the product is quite good with a paper bag and a zip lock. But I would suggest to transfer it to an air tight container.

The price of the pancake mix is budget friendly.

The drinks mix that I received are:

1. chocolate multi grain health drink.

ingredients: kambu, ragi, cholam, thinai, kuthiraivaali, varugu, corn, badam, pista, cashew, kollu, ellu, 100% pure and natural cocoa powder.

Price: rs.199- 200 gms.

2. immuno booster drink mix

ingredients: oats, wheat dalia, almonds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower, sesame, turmeric, cashew.

Price: rs.175- 50 gms.

3. mixed nuts powder.

Ingredients: cashew, pista, badam, turmeric, walnut.

Price: rs. 210- 50 gms.

My personal experience with the health drinks.

As my kid is not a milk lover this was quite challenging for me. But I was happy to see that she drank a glass of the multi grain drink with added sugar.

The drink is tasty but I noticed that roasted aroma lingers around.

Adding mixed nuts powder to milk or pancakes makes the taste little better and yummy.

If you’re kid doesn’t love hot milks it tastes good with chilled milk as well.

One thing that I most liked about these are the ingredients. It has all the traditional health benefited things that I would have never include in my kid’s diet.

The packaging is good but doesn’t have zip lock bag. Thus transfer into an air tight container after opened.

The price of this products are slightly higher than the pancake mix.

Available on their site

Rating 4.5 out of 5.

I would defiantly recommend this product.

That’s it for now

until we meet again

stick around.

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