Review:My Little Moppet Foods.

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One thing that stresses out every parent is the food. No not about their food but of those tiny tots who throw tantrum whenever they see a plate or a bowl of food. Kids and food are not a great combination most of the time. We mothers do all way possible to make our kids eat some food. From colorful plates to animal shaped roti. We run behind them as if we are trying to fill our tummies. Picky eaters mom will know how it feels when plate full of food is finished! It obviously calls for a party. It’s also important to include nutritious food. It’s a complete game changer when trying food which has all nutrition in it.

Am all sorted this time with some nutritious and healthy food that I came across.

My little moppet foods.

My little moppet is a brand where they try to serve you ready mix of pancakes, baby food and health drinks. Made by the doctor who has given relief to mothers who struggle to give their kids some nutritious food and I am one of them. She wanted to do this for all the busy moms out there who do not get time to prepare healthy and traditional organic homemade food. Without preservatives and chemicals.

All their products are


no sugar

no baking soda or powder

no additives or preservatives.

They have 3 ranges of pancakes.

1.multi millet pancake mix.

Ingredients include finger millet, sorghum, foxtail millet, whole wheat.

Priced at rs.139 for 150 gms.

2.choco ragi mix.

ingredients include finger millet, whole wheat, 100% pure and natural cocoa powder.

Priced at rs.149 for 150 gms.

3.banana oats mix.

organic oats, raw kerala banana powder, whole wheat.

Priced at rs. 150 for 150 gms.

My personal experience.

I was happy to know that it was started by a mom. Because I know what it feels being a mom and starting an own business so that other moms find easy is something not less than an achievement.

The pancake mix smelled like a traditional food that our grandparents used to make for us. I felt the whole wheat is flavored with ragi or banana or millet.

Easy to use. And no mess at all.

It doesn’t taste sweet but I would say well roasted aroma makes it taste really good.

The pancakes get fluffy when mixed and kept for 5 min.

all the ingredients used are organic which is obviously a better option.

Pancake taste real good even when there is no sugar in it. But would suggest to drizzle some honey to taste even better.

The packaging of the product is quite good with a paper bag and a zip lock. But I would suggest to transfer it to an air tight container.

The price of the pancake mix is budget friendly.

The drinks mix that I received are:

1. chocolate multi grain health drink.

ingredients: kambu, ragi, cholam, thinai, kuthiraivaali, varugu, corn, badam, pista, cashew, kollu, ellu, 100% pure and natural cocoa powder.

Price: rs.199- 200 gms.

2. immuno booster drink mix

ingredients: oats, wheat dalia, almonds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower, sesame, turmeric, cashew.

Price: rs.175- 50 gms.

3. mixed nuts powder.

Ingredients: cashew, pista, badam, turmeric, walnut.

Price: rs. 210- 50 gms.

My personal experience with the health drinks.

As my kid is not a milk lover this was quite challenging for me. But I was happy to see that she drank a glass of the multi grain drink with added sugar.

The drink is tasty but I noticed that roasted aroma lingers around.

Adding mixed nuts powder to milk or pancakes makes the taste little better and yummy.

If you’re kid doesn’t love hot milks it tastes good with chilled milk as well.

One thing that I most liked about these are the ingredients. It has all the traditional health benefited things that I would have never include in my kid’s diet.

The packaging is good but doesn’t have zip lock bag. Thus transfer into an air tight container after opened.

The price of this products are slightly higher than the pancake mix.

Available on their site

Rating 4.5 out of 5.

I would defiantly recommend this product.

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What to pack for hospital bag(baby version)

Hello everybody.

Hope you’re having an amazing week.

When I was almost due I had a mixed feeling because I was going to be a new mom. As a first time mother its hard to predict what is going to happen in labor or the baby. It becomes quite challenging as well to imagine things that is going to happen at the hospital.

I was excited kind of person because I had lost all patience with my pregnancy and I wanted to meet the person inside me. I remember I tried packing my hospital bag way too before than I was due. For me entering my third trimester meant to shop for your imaginary baby, packing hospital bag in other words to bid goodbye to pregnancy. that’s the main reason that made me feel that my third trimester was the most slow days of my life. Thanks to my mum who always stopped me to pack my hospital bags and that was last on the list.

So I had packed my bag with the help of my mom (always grateful) just 2 weeks before due.

It’s very important to be ready with the hospital bag especially if you’re a first time mom because it is hard to assume when labor says hi to you! And it’s also important to take the right things with you to the hospital especially for your little one so that there is no last moment panics.

Make sure all the clothes of baby is washed in plain water and sun-dried to avoid skin rashes.

1.diaper bag.

Yes its time for you to say goodbye to all your fancy sling bags (only to first time moms because other moms are already living life with diaper bags). So choose a diaper bag which has a lot of compartments and big enough to fit all the necessity of a new-born. Also do not buy a huge bag which could be difficult to carry later on. Be firm with the colors you choose because you don’t want to end up washing bags every time.


you can totally skip this step if you’re planning on cloth diapering. Diapers play a prominent role here so choose the best of brand and the quality to avoid rashes and other skin related problems. Babies are very sensitive its better to avoid diapers the whole day so that their skin gets time to breathe. Things look a little different here because some moms prefer diapers some may prefer cloth diapering or some may prefer just plain clothes wrapped. So it’s totally a mother choice in what suits their baby best.

I would suggest to keep 2 to 3 nappy pads as new-born experience meconium. (its nothing but new born first bowel movement)


All the clothes of the new-born must be washed. I do not give a lot of preference on what color a new born should wear. There should be at least 4 to 5 pairs. It could be rompers, cotton jhablas, sleep suits, onesies or any thing that is comfortable. Also make sure what season of the year is and adjust clothing accordingly. It’s always better to keep an extra pair of clothes because it may get dirtier and you would not want to go out of stock at the hospital. Neither over dress the baby nor under dress the baby.


I would suggest a baby soap/baby wash, diaper rash cream, body lotion, baby cream, wet wipes. Also make sure to choose a brand that you’re familiar with and never experiment with the new-born skin.

5.white sheets.

White cloth that’s wrapped around a new-born is always pure to see. I prefer white plain cotton sheets to be used for a new born. There are a lot of colorful plain cotton sheets as well. There is a wide variety of cotton sheets that’s present in the market. Totally up to a mom on what she chooses.

6. caps, mittens and booties.

Because why not! We as mothers always want our lil one to look extra cute with these tiny colorful things. And its important to cover your baby’s head and feet so that they don’t catch up cold.

7. waterproof sheet protector and changing mat.

To avoid bed getting dirty or wet from baby’s spit up, pee or milk.

8.soft towel.

Carry 2 soft towel for baby’s bath and wash. And try to use a dry towel and never a wet towel. Dry the towel after every use.


New born likes to be cozy and warm always. So buy a soft and warm blanket. light cotton sheet will do good for summers.

10.hand towels or soft cotton squares.

new-born spit up or spills. Its better to keep small hand towels ready.

That’s I how I packed my hospital bag. I had to strain my brain to write this up as it’s almost 3 years since I packed my hospital bag. I am still fresh with the goosebumps I got when I held her.

It’s indeed a greatest blessing that one could experience motherhood. It doesn’t have a definition its an emotion. I wish and pray every woman experience the magic of motherhood in their lives.

That’s it for now guys.

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Review: the beauty co India.

Hello everybody.

Hope you’re doing well.

When it comes to taking care of your skin it’s never something that’s taken for granted. It’s a responsibility! We often neglect taking care of it. Skin needs all kind of pampering. Whether its removing the makeup so that the skin breathes or following a skin care routine. I have got you all sorted with one of the famous brand that I came across.

The beauty co India.

This brand is famous for its coffee scrubs! Yes you heard that right. Coffee is one of the most abundant sources of antioxidants. These are coffee scrubs that are blended with activated charcoal, chocolate, coffee sugar, mango and strawberry. the brand offers you a wide range of coffee scrubs and one can choose from the variety according to personal preferences.

The company believes in helping woman to become the best version of themselves.

Benefits of coffee for skin.

Antioxidants fight premature aging of skin due to heat, pollution, light and damaging free radicals.

Company claims.

*smoothens rough oily skin.

*removes dirt and grind.

*gently exfoliates dull and flaky skin

*rejuvenates dull skin.

*ingredients that prevent premature aging.

*natural oils and sugar content deeply moisturize skin.

*soft, smooth and radiant skin.

My personal experience:

I was glad to receive the 2 variants which was my personal favorite too. Strawberry and mango flavored coffee scrubs.

The beauty co India coffee scrub


Anything that smells strawberry becomes my favorite.

This smells exactly like a freshly squeezed strawberry mixed with coffee.

The beauty co india coffee scrub.


Mangoes are something which you’ll not get the whole of the year. But what if I tel you that scrubs from the beauty co has a mango flavored coffee scrubs that makes justice to your skin more than mango satisfies your tongue. It smells more of a coffee with a hint of mango.

The first thing I most liked about this product is that these are made from organic coffee beans, fruits extracts and sugar.

The scrub texture is like a sand mixed with coffee.

I loved how the scrub made my skin smooth and radiant instantly after wash.

The oil present in it makes skin smooth.

And to my surprise the smooth feeling on skin stayed for almost 6 hrs straight.

Body smelled wonderful throughout the day.

I would suggest to use it on a daily basis for soft and smooth skin throughout.

The packaging of the product was way too good. Comes with a zip lock packet. Not a travel friendly though.

it’s priced decent.

I absolutely love the good vibe I get after every use, trust me!


coffee robusta seed powder, sugar, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, himalayan pink rock salt, vitamin E, perfume.

How to use.

Take the required quantity of the beauty co. scrub and gently spread on wet skin. Massage on circular motion. Leave it on skin for 3 to 5 min, then rinse. Pat dry with a towel.

Rating: 5.

price: Rs.599.

Availability: online stores

nykaa, amazon,

not easily available offline.

Overall this is one such product which gives instant results be it be soft skin or radiant skin.

I would definitely recommend this product.

That’s it guys

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