My first bloggers brunch.

Hello everybody.

Hope you’re doing well

recently I had been for a brunch with my fellow bloggers and I thought it would be great to write it here as I want to keep this in my memory book forever.

This was organized by four of the bloggers. I came to know about this brunch from one of the organizer whom I had met only through Instagram. Sometimes I feel so good about social media that I have met such awesome people whom I would never meet otherwise.

I was little nervous about the meet because I had never met anyone. Being an extreme introvert I think its common and I have faced it several times. I try so hard to overcome this but at the end of the day ‘once an introvert always an introvert’.

So that morning was a usual one and I tried my best to finish my chores and served some hot dosa and chutney for my housemates. It was little difficult to finish up all work and be on time for the brunch. But juggling around with my kid and laundry and to get ready was a big task.

Somehow managed everything and was all ready to go to my bengaluru bloggers brunch. So the cafe where the brunch was held is called ‘round-up cafe’ in koramangala. Its situated at the heart of the city. Koramangala is a happening place with shopping, food, entertainment and all fun stuff. With a wide range of all cuisines this is one of the budding cafe in koramangala.

About the ROUND-UP cafe.

It’s a good place to hangout with friends and family. Being located in the center of the city its convenient and a good place to chill and relax. They have a boutique which is the most unusual thing about this cafe. Eat and shop how cool is that!

The designer boutique offers a wide range of beautifully tailor-made designed clothes for men and women. You name an occasion and you’ll find the best one for your occasion.

The ambiance of the cafe stole my heart. With the beautiful decor all over the place and a green themed cafe how gorgeous that sounds. One of the things that I like when I go out for lunch or dinner its the pictures that I take. This cafe is all sorted with right angle of picture with good lighting and awesome backgrounds. What more can you ask.

Now comes the most important feature of the cafe, food! Food is something that can make anyone happy. There is no category when it comes to food. Everyone eats and enjoys! This cafe had wide variety of food from pastas to pizzas. We ordered a few mock tails and my favorite were virgin mojito and peach south. I personally enjoy mojito on all seasons, months or days. For food we had ordered chicken lasagna, fish fillets, pasta alla fungi, grilled chicken breast, chicken schnitzel. My personal favorite are fish fillets and chicken schnitzel. You could even ask them for the best of their dishes and they could happily serve you better.

So overall if you’re looking for good ambiance, good food, good service, quality, quantity etc then this is a must try. If you’re from Bangalore give this place a try.

That’s it about cafe and now about the bloggers meet. It was a good experience for me meeting new people and sharing thoughts. We did click a lot of pictures. Being a blogger its important to click pictures no matter wherever you are because you may be in a situation to write a blog on random topic and these pictures come handy. It’s sometimes a little uncomfortable to be around with people who do not like being on the phone clicking pictures whole day. But on this day I felt like a free bird. Everybody was on same track and knew the importance of clicking pictures and other stuff which only a blogger could understand. Since I had to rush to other commitments I left a little early. A little goodie bag from the organizers is never a bad thing. I then bid a goodbye to all the amazing people I met.

That’s how I spent the day

hope you enjoyed this

until we meet again

stick around.


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