Eid 2018

Hello everybody.

Hope you’re doing well.

I have been wanting to write this from a long time now, but its either my laptop that always crashed or my bossbaby who is cranky seeing the laptop probably missing her hometown!

So without any further delay lets get started!

Eid day is something that I am most excited of. Not because there is no more fasting but for the immense joy that I feel during the big day! I am energetic throughout the day no matter what comes my way.

We celebrate eid at our natives and that is the brownie point to my energetic vibe. The planning and excitement of going to my native after a month is not less than going on a holiday!

As I am married, things get lil jinxed! Its not all about jumping around, planning the henna designs and worrying about the looks next day. But its more about the blessed day, the good food ,family visits or family time and a lot more of cooking!

Before the moon sighting the previous evening of eid we had a small ifthar party at my in laws! I was a lil occupied with work. But as soon as the moon was sighted and I knew the next day was eid I was very happy! Because I secretly wanted eid to be on Friday! Soon I was seen making preparation for eid. The common things that we see on eid in every house is BIRIYANI! Well I was given, not given but I took the responsibility of the big fat dish! A little fact I love to cook biriyani its the easiest! 😉

Finished up all the work and now comes my favorite part, applying henna! I am not an expert in applying henna in fact I never bothered even trying to apply henna! I love henna and I always used to find someone who would make me happy with their henna designs! But soon I realized there is no one around whom I could depend upon for my love for henna. That’s when I told myself that, yes I am going to do this! Here I am juggling with my henna cone and scribbling until I am pleased!

The next day ie eid day I woke up early happy with my henna stain and did some exercise because I knew the calories that I am going to consume within hours. Eid mornings are the best mornings ever! I am a morning person who can sit idle and enjoy the sunrise. I was now ready with my new clothes all set for eid prayer! Oh wait! Not to forget I had few bites of sweets. Yes that’s important for a person who dint eat sweets for a month!

After eid prayer we wished everyone a happy eid. Now my lil girl gave me a proper hug and wished happy eid..the other thing I like about eid mornings are eid breakfast. Having a breakfast after eid prayer with family is too mainstream. Alhamdulillah!

This time for eid we had decided to visit our cousins and families. When its family visits it’s more of eating and drinking sugar!(to be specific) Being a guest ourselves knew that every house we visit they are going to serve you with delicious food and drinks. So me and my dearest husband planned to ask for a glass of water according to situations. It dint go well with me but my husband manged to drink few glasses of water! And I remember one family offered him a glass of water and a tall glass of falooda( a sweet drink).;) pity on him.

After all the family visits we came back and deep inside I knew I had to prepare the biriyani. It was almost done the last night but few things that was kept for last minute. But all thanks to my mother in law who gave the final touch to my biriyani and made me tension free after the tiring visits.alhamdulillah!

Soon it was lunch time and my family meets at the dining table for the most important time of the day! Ah I am missing biriyani:( after a pleased lunch I was waiting for the desserts.

Now, I dint not have desserts for a month and have been waiting for it. I am sorry if the above sentence is repeated its not less than a milestone for me! I was extremely happy with my dessert and I quickly had an affair with it!

Eid evening begins with a good cup of tea and a lot of pictures. We usually take pictures at this point of time and its all about poses and poses! With kids around it becomes lil challenging as their mood is totally unpredictable.

After a lot of pictures our bags were packed and it was time for us to leave to my house. I never felt much differences in my house or at my in laws! I equally enjoy both the houses upto certain limits! Its not like I can stay at my place for a longer time. After a week or so at my natives I get bored and I would want to come back to my house in Bangalore at the earliest.

Eidi is something that I was most excited during eid because I could collect few bucks for all my good cravings during college. But now I am the one giving eidi to my cousins and I do not get any! How sad that sounds?

The last few hours of eid was spent at my granny’s, good dinner at my place and dozed off real quick!

That’s how I ended my eid.

Tel me how was your eid.

That’s it for now.

Until we meet again,

stick around.

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