My Trip To Mysore.

Hello everybody.

Hope you are doing well.

Mysore a city close to Bangalore is a backup plan for all long weekends. Only a bangalorean knows what the true importance of Mysore is😉

I have been to Mysore a zillion time and trust me am not complaining here. My dad used to take me every year to this place and I have seen almost everything. for me destination is not important I enjoy drives and talks during the trip also not to forget I get motion sickness.

IMG_0377My husband seldom goes to Mysore for his work and I never miss a chance. I bump into car as if I have got an invitation or if I say my husband begged me to join.  That’s hardly the case. As I told earlier I love the drive not the destination.

So, we recently visited Mysore you would know if you are following me on Instagram. My sister came over to Bangalore and we planned for this trip. Obviously, we planned for other places like ooty, Goa and Hyderabad. What comes better when there is already a backup plan done!

So, we planned for a staycation in Mysore.

IMG_0315We started around 5.30 am from Bangalore on 22nd of April 2018. We started early to skip some traffic and yes, we did skip traffic😊

We had our breakfast near ramnagar and continued. I dint eat much because I was sleepy. Even if I dint eat much I had got some power nap if I can say. I love talking and which women doesn’t? yes, I am talkative, but my husband knows me better when I say I am talkative. So, my chit chat started right after our small break in between. it continued for almost an hour and my energy drained. Craved for some Mangalorean breakfast but couldn’t get any and survived with cupcakes☹

We stopped at hunsur for husband’s office work and continued from there around 11.30. my sister was much excited for this trip because she was waiting to sleep alone in a hotel room.

We stayed at Carlson by Radisson. This trip was more of relaxing than of any sort of sightseeing.

IMG_0345We did visit mysore zoo to entertain our toddler. She was happy seeing all animals. It’s a 3 km walk inside zoo not like I dint knew it before and I was just waiting to come out of it. I have visited zoo a hundred times and by now i have seen all animals grow and vice versa.

IMG_0564IMG_0394After zoo visit we went straight to the hotel room, enjoyed pool side and play area. My favorite thing about staying in a hotel is to make a hot tea and enjoy the view. Ah, how much I love it and how much I miss it!

For dinner we had some authentic mangalore sea food. I loved it to bits! After that watched ipl and slept off. The next morning was more of relaxing and enjoying the calmness that place had. My daughter was with my sister and that’s how we got some “we” time. just sat in front of our large window which was all green outside with a cup of tea, and just did nothing. Alhamdulillah! I love times when me and him sit together either talking or doing nothing.

IMG_0484After that we went for our buffet breakfast. So many options to choose from. South Indian, north Indian, English breakfast, desserts! I get drooled thinking about it. I take almost everything I like and end up eating only few of my favorites.

IMG_0453After a heavy breakfast took some pictures. Less for keeping it for memories more for updating on instagram. It was time for us to checkout and hit reality again. We reached home around evening and that’s how my trip ended. Alhamdulillah.

It’s a greatest blessing from Allah for this life. My loving husband and a small world of mine. I got a message on Instagram about my previous blog saying “you’re very lucky everyone doesn’t have a life like you”

First up Alhamdulillah! Second, I never compare my life with others. Whatever comes in life good or bad I face it and I don’t complain. Its easier to complain than to be thankful. Never compare a person who is higher in status, beauty, money and other pleasing things than you. rather see a person who doesn’t have what you have, and they are struggling to get what you have got it easily. And then you’ll know the importance of life. I am a person who is happy with the tiniest things in life! No am not joking ask my husband!! Yes, but I quite often plan(PLAN) for a vacation. But that’s okay!

That’s it guys.

Until we meet again,

Stick around.

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