Every weekend ever

Hello everybody.

IMG_4409It’s been long am here. I am off mainly because I usually write my blogs only when my boss baby sleeps and in recent days I am giving her company when she sleeps.

Today’s blog is quite interesting for me to write mainly for the reason I have plenty things to spill on. The blog ie every weekend ever is from my perspective, but you may find something relatable also.

Mondays are my most uninterested day of the week obviously for the fact that you need to hit the whole week again. Yes, I am not a working woman but still it hits me hard. My main reason for that Monday blues is the meal planning for the week, lunch box scenes and to keep my toddler busy.

My planning for weekend usually starts on mid-week when am already waiting for the weekend. Apart from me, my weekend planner ie GOOGLE always comes to rescue. My first search would be places to visit in Bangalore. And my google shows up with the tourist places around. Dear google I have been to all the tourist places you suggest on every Monday morning on every week, you must know me better by now!

IMG_6293IMG_7190I soon get fed up with the tourist spots and I go one step ahead. I start searching on weekend getaways from Bangalore. My search list is now filled with 10 must visit places for your weekend getaways. I scroll and scroll (impressed with google) finds something interesting immediately call up my husband and tell him about it. Don’t forget this is mid-week still and I don’t even think twice before calling up my husband who is busy. He says let’s come and talk over and hangs the calls.

staycation at salem.


That doesn’t end there. I am not much pleased with results and now I search for staycation near Bangalore. Now I am on cloud 7 seeing all the options for a staycation, yes cloud 7 because cloud 9 would be staying inn there no?

staycation at mysore.

I see all the well-furnished rooms, amenities, swimming pool etc etc. I now finalize that staycation is the best plan for this weekend.

As I am a wife and a mother I re check each expenditure twice. By saying this I know I planned for a staycation just few seconds ago. So, the plan automatically drops off because staycation every weekend is not possible.

IMG_4350IMG_2145IMG_0780That’s when reality hits and I decide to google any new restaurants nearby. Because we usually go to the comfort zoned restaurants. I waste almost 100s of mbs when I finally give up and decide to go with the flow on the weekend. That’s how my week day goes by.

The excitement gets to another level when its Friday. One for the fact I always make sure to eat something good for lunch on Fridays because it’s a blessed day of the week. The second thing about Friday is that its weekend.

IMG_8706The excitement of going for a ride on Friday night is something that I always look up to. I am not the person who loves expensive food rather I would be happy to have a scoop of ice cream. So, I am super happy that’s its finally weekend (no plans yet). I usually like early morning drives but since my baby it gets hard to wake her up early in the morning just for a drive. So that is also skipped now, and I have some real high expectations for the evening since its Saturday. My Saturday lunch is usually a yum biriyani and nap after that.

Saturday evening starts with my tea and my grumpy face towards my husband because I didn’t conclude on where to go. He is ready to take anywhere but it’s always me who is not sure of anything.

He: mall?

She: afaf(our daughter) will be bored.

He: parks?

She: filled with mosquitos.

He: play areas?

She: crowded.

He: shopping?

She: ill check online!

He: lakes?

She: it’s too late to go there.

He: family visit.

She: next time.

That conversation right there is so us on every weekend. He gives up. By now it’s already 7 and we as usual plan for a dinner. We have got few of our favorite restaurants and we keep polling on them.

trip to hyderabad.

So, the Sunday morning usually starts around 9 to 9.30 when my husband comes home hungry after his cricket match. Sundays are the laziest. I literally don’t want to do anything. But as a mother and a wife, is there anything called I don’t want to do! So that’s how I clean up dishes,cook some food and that’s it! I don’t have high expectations on Sundays as my husband is completely off that day. On evenings we take our daughter to nearby play grounds and that’s the poor ending of my weekend.

trip to mysore.

After all the gloomy paragraphs above I want to make clear that its not like I do not enjoy weekends its still the best alhamdulillah. I am okay if my plan doesn’t go with the flow I am happy how my every weekend is spent. I try to spend the most time with my family because that’s important for your inner peace.

Its very easy to get disappointed these days thanks to social media who plays the major role in this. When we see the stories of other friends in facebook, whatsapp, Instagram etc its normal to get jealous, compare your life with them and so on! I also update stories on my social media app fulfilling my blogger ritual and, I also see many of my fellow bloggers or my friends story. But I make sure I never compare my life with them. if i get real jealous like REAL jealous i either stop seeing that particular persons page or i pray to allah to give that person more! trust me guys that really helps! Social media is just 25% of real life. So be happy with whatever you have, and you’ll have a great life in shaa Allah (if Allah wills).

I am also sorry for some serious lesson in the previous para. Hope you have liked this little session on my weekend life.

That’s it for now

Until we meet again

Stick around!



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