Review softsens baby care range.

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IMG_6400Being a mother, the quest for safer and organic products is never sorted. I as a mother google a lot about how my daughter can stay away from all the chemicals around. Well, I think I am quite satisfied with the bath and baby care range from the brand called Softsens.

If you are following me on Instagram, you might already know that I recently received softsens’s baby care range and used it on my boss girl. She seems to be enjoying and I thought of reviewing it here. So, let’s get started!

I received their complete baby care collection to try on that includes the following.



massage oils are not my kid’s thing now because she doesn’t really like being oiled. And for the fact that she has left the age of massages long back. i still gave a try. The oil is light which is very good when you give a good massage. It spreads evenly and makes skin soft. What I most liked about it is its not greasy and oily at all after use. I am going to use it more often now. keeps her skin well hydrated.


200 ml-rs.165.



There were 2 baby soap range

Milk bar and natural bar.Its paraben free and no added colors makes them unique. It leaves the skin soft and the fragrance is quite appealing. its rich, creamy soft lather that cleanses the skin. It has a new born fragrance. Refreshed many of my nostalgic moments.

price: 75g-rs.45

100gm*3 -rs.135.


IMG_E6843The wash has been our favorite and my kid enjoys using it. Its mild and the fragrance is quite appealing. The wash is enriched with natural milk cream and shea butter. Its transparent in color and foams well. It is not very thick in consistency, lil watery. Little amount of it suffices the whole body.

200 ml -rs.142.


IMG_E6851This was the first time I used shampoo on my babys hair. Obviously for the fact that I dint wanted my babys hair to dry out and look frizzy. But my first experience experimenting with softsens baby shampoo has been a hit. It doesn’t dry out and hair looks good enough even after hours of shampooing. Nourishes the babys hair and scalp. It makes hair soft and smooth. The fragrance again is like the other products of softsens. Enriched with natural plant-based essential oils. My baby’s hair smelled amazing and lasted really long. its transparent and foams really well. A coin size of it is good to go. Its also tear free which is best part of this shampoo.

200 ml-rs.156.


IMG_E6847Baby lotion are the ones which I never skip because of the frequent climate changes your baby need moisturization. This lotion is white in color and I loved their consistency. I always liked lotion with a little thick base. It moisturizes skin well and doesn’t dry out quick. It hydrates and nourishes babys skin leaving it soft.The fragrance is similar like that of other products of softsens. And I must say the fragrance has stayed on my Baby’s skin for almost 12hrs.

200 ml- rs.142.


IMG_E6849I use baby cream only on face. I never experimented on creams and always glued to one expensive and imported product. I always step back when it comes to trying on babys face. Well when I read about their baby care range I was assured that product is all worth for such budget friendly range. Enriched with natural milk cream and shea butter. Its white in color and a coin size suffices. It keeps the skin nourished and hydrated for hours. Fragrance is mild and doesn’t last longer. It is little greasy when applied and dries out quick.



Wipes are the ones which is my favorite among all baby care products. Why u ask? Its because of its refreshing smell and constant mommy use! the wipes I received contains aloe vera. Its free from paraben,alcohol and color. The wipes were smaller than usual may be because of the smaller packaging. Its obviously travel friendly. I loved the smell. Its too good. I used this more on myself.

price:pack of 20-rs.60

pack of 80-rs.200.



Baby powder is one I never used because of the effect of talc. The baby powder from softsens claims to be hypoallergenic. It contains natural plant-based ingredients which protects the baby’s skin from prickly heat making baby feel cool and comfortable. Its very light and I enjoyed using it.

Price: 200 gm-rs.110.

Pros of softsens

100% safe for baby.



Not tested on animals.

Free of parabens and harmful chemicals.

Contains pure and natural plan-based ingredients and essential oils.

Budget friendly

Fragrance is amazing and similar.

Loved the color coordinated packaging.

Loved their motto “inspired by moms,  developed by experts.


I felt all the products smelled same.

I also did not like the foams of the bath care range.

i would definitely recommend this.

I try the baby products first on myself then on my baby!

Rating;4 OUT OF 5.

Their product is available here

also available on online stores like amazon, flipkart, firstcry, etc.

That’s it for now

Until we meet again, 

Stick around.




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