My Trip To Dubai.

Hello everybody.

IMG_0680We had recently visited Dubai my current favorite obsession. Well that was not the case before I visited Dubai for the second time. I never wanted to visit Dubai coz my pregnancy had started there, and I had nostalgic and weird feeling after I left from there. But the sudden planning of our first family vacation and the excitement made me forget every bad memory of my first pregnancy. Also, for the fact I didn’t see much of Dubai in my first trip.

So, our adventures trip started on December 20th, 2017 from Cochin international airport. i was obviously excited unaware of what is going to happen with us? (nothing serious). I was worried about the journey because keeping a toddler busy for 3 and half hours at a stretch is impossible. Since our flight was at mid night it was less of a worry. And alhamdulillah my kiddo slept throughout the journey.

IMG_1750We have our family staying in Dubai and the trip was more like a get together. Every day’s schedule was pre planned like where to go, where to have lunch and dinner etc etc etc.! we wanted to cover whole of Dubai in 10 days!! How silly! To cover up the whole of Dubai mall itself needed a day or two. And to add up we had 4 toddlers around with 3 prams of different colors. Sometimes all 4 of them wanted to sit in one certain pram and I remember pushing prams with no kids on it!

We had covered most of the places during this trip like palm jumeriah,burj khalifa,burjul arab,jbr walk,citywalk, downtown, emirates zoo, marine drive, al mamzar beach, dubai desert safari, Ferrari world, global village, kite beach, abu dhabi, al ain, dubai museum, creek harbor, BBQ at creek park. wohoo! did we really cover all these in 10 days?!


We had also binged on so many things I cannot name one. All the famous and yummy food were tried, and tons and tons of calories added to our system!I don’t regret a single calorie because they have some amazing food I must admit and its worth every single calorie!

can u see my kid munching?

Well Coming back to my kid she was the crankiest. I do not know what was wrong with her. She demanded every kind of chocolates, toffees, and what not! There were times when I used to sit in car and dint go site seeing. I used to carry a bag full of snacks just to keep her engaged. She was happy at home but as soon as we step outside she would start her thing. My kiddo is not a cranky baby at all. She has always been a calm girl who would be in her limits. Yes, she is naughty! But to a certain level it’s totally fine. That was the case with my kiddo on my trip.

Coming back to my trip, I enjoyed this trip to my fullest ignoring the fact about cranky kid. I have literally fallen in love with the city. They have some amazing places to visit, variety of food in all cuisines and such a clean city. they have really amazing options for shopping budget friendly and lavish range.

IMG_1008One of thing I enjoyed the most is about their masjids. They have a lot of masjids everywhere and beautiful masjids. When travelling to places its hard to find a proper place to offer our prayer. But in dubai its always sorted. The masjids are beautiful and well maintained. They have a separate ladies’ prayer room in every masjid. It used to make me feel good and i desired for praying more!

Since we were there for the new year (I do not celebrate) and this time burj khalifa had planned for the first lazer light show. It established a new Guinness World record for the largest lazer light and sound show on one single structure. But unfortunately, we couldn’t go due to heavy traffic that day. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the cracker show in Sharjah in our balcony. It was very beautiful, and I never saw such glamour’s thing in my life.

Alhamdulillah my trip to dubai is a huge memory that I am going to cherish through out my life. I never wanted this trip to end (how unrealistic😉). As told earlier this was a mix of a family trip and a family get together, I loved every bit of it. I hope we visit dubai every year!

That’s it for now

Feel free to comment on your thoughts.


Until we meet again,

Stick around.




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