Review:Himalaya baby lotion and Himalaya baby soap.

Hello Everybody.
IMG_2885Babies are the most delicate and close to our heart creatures. When it comes to exploring them to the outside world and outside elements it gets real tough for baby as well as baby’s skin. We as parents make sure they get the best quality for them and make sure they are comfortable using them.
Himalaya is a brand since 1930 and I got noticed about the products only in recent times. Himalaya has a quite a range of baby products. I have been using their “extra moisturizing baby soap” and “baby lotion” for almost a year now. It really does a great job for baby’s skin.

Himalaya baby lotion
I have been using this product for a year now and I am quite impressed with the results. The product claims to make skin soft and smooth. It contains almond oil and olive oil. its free from parabens, mineral oil and synthetic colors.
The company claims that the lotion is enriched with almond oil that restores skin moisture, olive oil which improves skin lustre and yastimadhu and country mallow which soothes skin.
IMG_2888My personal experience
The lotion has smooth texture which is good when you give a massage after bath.
The lotion contains mild fragrance and it does not last long.
Its white and in a creamy texture.
The packaging is simple and attractive.
My daughter loves the lotion and never experienced any itching or rashes.
Moisturizes when applied and dries out quick.
I really love that it has natural herbal content in it.
Easily available and budget friendly.

The product is available in all drug store, supermarkets and online stores as well.
Costs around Rs.85 for 100 ml.
And the product expires in 2 years from the date of manufacture.
Rating :4 out of 5.
Would I recommend this product?
Himalaya baby soap.


I am using Himalaya extra moisturizing baby soap for the past 6 mainly claims for dry skin. My kid has been enjoying this and no there is no issues with her skin. Its has mild fragrance and foams lather easily.
What the company claims:
* The soap claims to be free from parabens, animal fats and synthetic colors.
*it’s mild and soothing soap that replenishes lost moisture while cleansing the baby’s skin gently.
*its enriched with aloe that restores the moisture balance and soothes skin.
*olive oil and almond oil are rich in vitamins that moisturize, nourish and protect the skin.
*it contains milk, which helps improve skin texture by softening and smoothing skin.
My personal experience,
*it moisturizes my baby’s skin well.
*it has mild fragrance.
*the packaging of the soap is too good with extra protection of a plastic wrap inside the box.
*Bangalore has a cool weather thus I like the soap which is best suited for winter weathers.
*the soap is white in color and I feel it’s safe and pure😊
*its easy to use and can be rinsed off easily.
*no harmful chemicals and no artificial color.
*it has ayurvedic content which I really love.
*easily available.
*budget friendly and travel friendly.

The product is available in all drug stores, supermarkets and online store.
It costs RS.45 for 75g.
Rating: 4 out of 5.
Would I recommend this product?Yes!

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below😊
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