A Mother Daughter Duo

Hello everybody.

IMG_1171Daughters are a blessing and I believe it to the deepest of my heart. The time I held her in my arms I knew my prayers were answered. I know I sound a lil cheesy but that’s okay!

Being a mother, you know what’s exactly to be a daughter. I prayed for a daughter the next day of my pregnancy. Chose a name in a month. When I knew I was blessed with baby girl I was overwhelmed! It’s like your childhood picture just got a life! I never had an issue that my baby should look like me in fact I wanted her to resemble like her father.

I have so much affection towards her name and everything related to her. The family feel was felt only after she came into our lives. the other day when she was taking her afternoon nap and I was just sitting lame and wondering what I was doing all alone before she came on the scene.

My life has changed immensely after my child’s birth and yes am happy about it! I also need to agree it was difficult at the beginning being a new mom, new experiments, new world all together. From using clothes to applying a cream for your lil one everything was double checked from a new mommy and new mommy’s mommy. (u know what I mean). Every damn kind of advices were given (obviously free ones) for a new mom and my new baby. I personally did not take much advices except from my doc and my mom. What I learnt is that every baby is different, and every baby has a whole different story and your experiments with your lil one will make you choose what’s best for your baby!

My bonding with my daughter started when I was with her alone. The smiles she gave me even when I am not looking at her. The struggle of crawling was all worth when I was standing in the finish line cheering up. From standing to baby steps that she took, were as if proving it to me that I can do it for you mother!

that’s how my daughter pose for a family picture;)

The way she copies me in wearing a scarf or some words that I say, makes me feel how she keeps me on focus every day and every minute. the way she complains to her abbu for not giving her favorite chocolate. Wait! When did she grow up? I want to hold her all in my arms and enjoy every little bit of her!

We are the strongest pair at home against our only man! Its easy to convince my hubsy to take us out for a pizza or a burger! Why u ask? My daughter does the magic. Which of the fathers has denied their daughters command?

Obviously, I utilize the best of the scene and 1<2! And the babes win!

But sometimes I am lil jealous of my man loving her more😉. May be fate is playing around! I now know exactly what it feels when my mom used to tell to take that extra dosa or when am going to be back home and every damn damn thing. Everything she told me has a deep meaning now because I am a mother. i know how it feels to be a mother. sometimes when my daughter plays patience game with me i really feel that I must have done the exact thing to my mother. I feel fate is just taking turns and this is my turn.

Although I am happy everything about her it’s the time I blame. How fast my baby turned into a toddler and soon a preschooler. I want to enjoy and cheer everything she does in life and I’ll assure to be there with her in every milestone in shaa allah.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below😊

That’s it for now.

Until we meet again,

Stick around.

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