Happily ever after

Hello everybody

How to win your husbands heart.

Happily, ever after is a myth for some.

20130920_105205Well I am here today to break that and share some real tips for wives. [from my WhatsApp video]

1.Accept him as he is because Allah/god has chosen him for you.

We all know that nobody is perfect.

2.Always share your happiness and sadness with him.

We as wives always share our happiness but when it comes to our sorrows or distress we either hide it or act as if everything is fine. It can be applied to the other way around. When our husbands are sad or not in mood we should understand the situation, and try to help him out.

3.Learn to compromise.

This the key factor for all the happy marriages we see. Our parents or our grandparents. It sounds hard, but it is easy when you apply it on your real life.

4.Constantly reminding your husband that you love him.

One of the easiest when its your first few times after marriage but really gets hard later. When you say it you should really mean it.

5.take best care of him when he is ill.

I think this part is the easiest and we are already an expert in taking care of others.

6.Respect and love his family.

Always take care of his family as if its yours.

7.keep your disagreements hidden.

As a woman we know how it is losing an argument. But sometimes if you already know that certain topics can lead to an argument, stay out of it. And always apologize first.

8.race to the door when he arrives.

Leave all the chores behind and welcome him with a smile.

9.surprise him with gifts or cook his favorite meal.

Men do love surprises and pampering. Plan a surprise for him with gifts or handmade card or anything that he loves.

Not to forget his favorite meal. Always ask him what is his current favorite meal because men do not stick to one favorite meal. It changes according to season, time, hour or even minute😉.

10.make dua(pray)for him.

We all love our husbands to infinity. Pray for them. Ask our creator to bless them always with good health and prosperity.

We all know that he will act as our best friend when needed. Also, he will take care of you like a baby when in need.

Never backbite him. Respect him for whatever he is.

20140604_182958-1My personal tips:

*play games with him. Its okay even if its ludo or uno.

*flirt with him. Flirting is something which we hardly get to see after wedding. But trust me with this flirting is too healthy for a happy marriage. For example, wink him on public without other noticing😊

*do a lot of dares with each other.

*did you ever try racing with your husband? run and let me know.

*stone, paper, scissors?

Well that’s how we decide who is gonna switch off the light or change my daughter’s diaper or any silly matter!

*give him company when he watches his favorite sports. I know its hard to watch test matches. But it’s okay.

*make your baby/kid sleep early and watch some good movies or shows together.

*early mornings are the best time. Have your early morning tea/coffee together.

I am tea person and we bring different kind of biscuits every week and try them every morning. That kind of excites us.

*try all the hand games like thumb wrestling, hot hands or who is stronger.

*throw some random question to each other and if the answer comes wrong ask for chocolates or an ice cream. Please do not get angry if the answer comes wrong and don’t ask for bigger things in return. Because if you do so they’ll not play this game again.

*when you go out for dinner, sometimes make sure you are going to pay. You can share your bill as well.

*do not forget to tell them they look handsome everyday before they leave to office.

That’s my tips, TRIED AND TESTED.

Hope it helps.


Until we meet again

Stick around.

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