Weaning the real trouble (Indian mommies)


Whoa! I never knew the topic which I googled a lot, I would write on this.

Well breastfeeding your baby is one of the best way to ensure the baby is getting the best nutrients without doubt. Its like a mother baby time. But I agree its not that easy at the beginning, as time passes by you get adjusted.

Breast milk contains all the basic nutrients which a baby requires and breastfeeding exclusively for the first 6 months helps the baby to fight most of the diseases.

Breastfeeding has lots of benefits for mother as well. It helps to lose weight post pregnancy and get back in shape.

I believe that the most difficult time in breastfeeding is at the beginning and when you sign off. Its very difficult to wean off because it needs the patience of both mother and baby.

Its a gradual process. one cannot stop breastfeeding like a full stop. you need to cut down the number of times you breastfeed in a day and feed only at night. later you can feed on a alternate days and so on.

So here are tried and tested ways to weaning.


1.Let your LO take their time.

When you think you should stop breastfeeding it’s not about whether you are ready for it, but it is about your baby. I have been trying to wean off my baby when she was 1 year 9 months but I could stop only at the age 2. Let them take their time and get adjusted to life without breastfeeding. the reason why you need to stop breastfeeding is that they need to get more nutrients and vitamins from other sources when they reach the age of 2.


2.Divert them when they ask for it.

This is the basic thing that when they ask for it simply divert their attention to something else. Give them their favorite toy or may be even a toffee just to please them for some time. Or even u can try singing to them, reading books or making an own story of them in which they are the main character. Make a story which has already happened in your baby’s life. For instance, make a story of their trip to zoo or anywhere where you baby loved the place.


3.Other than breastfeeding.

If your baby already drinks from bottle, then you can seriously stick to that and stop breastfeeding and give them bottle instead. but if you have a baby like me who has never used a bottle even for water then you’ll have a very tough time. I introduced bottle when she was 1 and half year (both sipper and bottle) she thought it was her new toy! She never drank milk from bottle. So, I used to give her a piece of an apple or a banana made her lie down away from me lying on her side and gently started patting. And kept checking on her so that she won’t get choked. (high pillow recommended)


4.This is the weirdest*applying bitter things.

So, when I was trying to wean off I was finding it very difficult. So I started asking people about it. so many of them asked me to apply methi(fenugreek)paste or toothpaste or turmeric or any weird thing that makes baby feel that it is not something edible and its dirty. It really worked for some mommies but not in my case. My baby was a strong willed one. And in one case I even tried with cello tape (skin color). Let me know if this weird point helps you in weaning.


 That’s my tried and tested ways of weaning. It was very difficult for me. I remember days when I used to put her on my shoulder and walk around till she sleeps. It took her a week to get adjusted. That one week was my hardest days with cries throughout the night. My husband used to calm her down and used to make her sleep. Later, she got adjusted alhamdulillah! May weaning make easy for all the mommies.


So, I know it’s a hard task, but it is surely not an impossible task.

Feel free to comment and let me know how was your process of weaning.

Until we meet again,

Stick around.

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