Pregnancy series(part 3)

Hello everybody

This is the final part of my pregnancy series. Please read my previous blog to know how was my first and second trimester.

I am writing this in a hangover mood because I just came back from my native attending a big fat wedding.

My third trimester was obviously a roller coaster ride with mixed emotions and lots of anxiousness.

I was constantly missing my hubby now he used to come only on weekends. That was the hardest part just 2 days for a week.

I now knew that this is going to be my new routine for few months.

My baby bump could be seen easily, and I used to get special treatment when I was out shopping or roaming.

My clothes dint fit me now and I had to either buy new clothes or borrow my hubby’s and I did both. Wearing husband’s clothes is kind a cool!

And I couldn’t put on my shoes without help. I used to regularly get leg massages from my mom used to make yummy food for me and all such treatments.

There is a tradition in my place that at the end of pregnancy, relatives and friends get savories and sweets. I enjoyed that period. I used to get calls from my aunts asking if I like spicy food or sweet dishes and I remember I used to tell both because I dint want to miss anything later!

My mood swings were on duty by then. I even had slight back pain and leg doc had asked me to count baby’s kicks. That was the trickiest part. Because whenever I started counting my baby used to stop kicking like literally. I told u she knows how to play hide and seek.

I was always asking my gynac about my delivery. because my patience level had gone out for a vacation and, I wanted that bundle of joy right next to me.

As my due was coming close I was very nervous (expected from new mommy’s). I used to always check on my pregnancy app to know how big is my baby and what’s happening inside.

By the end of my last trimester I visited my gynace very often. I had to do lots of tests and hospital bag was ready. I was just waiting for the big day.

My due date was on 7th November 2015.i cannot tell how desperate I was to say goodbye to my pregnancy.i was constantly asking my doc if there is any way to deliver before my due date and she always smiled and said lets just wait till you are due.

On 4th of November I visited my doc and she said I need to get admitted the next day because there was some issue with my scan report.i dint sleep that night because I had minor contraction and also the thought of going into labor.

The next morning I woke up early begged to god for ease and left for my delivery.


My baby was born on 5th of November 2015 around 1.30 pm.


That’s the end of my pregnancy series.

Hope you all enjoyed reading my blogs.

Comment and let me know what you want to read next.

That’s it people for this month.

See u soon with another blog.

Assalamu alaikum.

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