pregnancy series(part 2)

Hello everybody.

My second trimester

Well,as said I came down to Bangalore at the end of my first trimester.if you are wondering what am up to please read my previous blog😉

I was very happy to be home..because I really missed Bangalore,my home,my favorite things that I did not take along and the climate of coarse.

My second trimester had really done me a favor. i could eat anything because my Bangalore gynac was kind a cool. I could seriously do anything, that means am kind of normal and my current health status made my hubby realize that I can make a cup of tea by myself and also other stuff😊

that’s the only proper picture of my second trimester.

My morning sickness bid me a goodbye then..i used to get a very good sleep and also I was very energetic during the day!

Energetic?how I miss that now!

Everybody feels butterflies in stomach?but what if it was for real?and that’s how baby kick feels.i started to feel that soon and that butterfly probably had an energy drink later on.

But honestly those kicks I felt (goosebumps right now)was so magical. There was a life inside me. I wonder the creation of my lord how life works. It’s a miracle.

OK I am getting emotional now!

So at the middle of my second trimester I started cooking and other chores. I actually felt good at that point of time. I told you I was energetic!

And my tummy started showing up. My clothes were getting little uncomfortable thank god I had some loose cool pj’s then.

My parents thought that I am doing a lot of work and assumed am not taking care of myself and i need some rest(parents love i tell you)so I used to get regular calls from my mom that I should come back to my native. But the thought of missing my hubby was real bad.

My hubby was always jealous of not getting to feel our baby’s kicks. Whenever he waited to see the kicks my Lil munchkin never showed up. Well, she knew how to play hide and seek then!

By now I had a baby boy name as well. but I will not let it out because I think am gonna stick to that name till I get a baby boy!

This is gonna be my second favorite part of my second trimester (first has to be the kicks I felt) baby clothes shopping! It was really cool to shop for someone neither I have met nor I know who it is gonna be!

At the end of my second trimester I went to my native.

That’s the end of my second trimester my favorite trimester as well.

That’s it people.

See you soon with my 3rd trimester.

Feel free to comment and dont forget to share.

Assalamu alaikum.

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