Pregnancy series (part 1)

Hello everybody

So whenever I talk or write about my pregnancy either I smile or ill be like…um okay!

When I got pregnant I was in Dubai probably planning to explore the city,visit places and try their extra ordinary food.

But who knew what was coming our way.

Well alhamdulillah(all praise is to Allah)I was super nervous,super excited and super new to all that’s happening with me.

I had already done a small research on pregnancy and was mostly about nausea,sleeplessness and tons of advises.

I know that sounds a little weird but I told myself yes!!I am ready lets face it!

1st trimester

When I officially confirmed my pregnancy.. my hubby was very excited..i always thought of giving him a surprise like that which I saw on you tube,trust me that never happens in our lives.. I wonder why?

Later I consulted a gynace in Dubai she was a very sweet lady but with lots of precautions..i was told not eat seafood and meat!and also to take lots of rest and suggested not to roam around in the city,i was just talking about exploring city and going crazy with food right??

And not to forget my morning sickness woke me up in the morning instead of my alarm clock.nausea played well during my day and sleeplessness was on swing at night..sounds adventures right!!

I love sweets but when I was preg I used to feel sick when I saw them..when I write this I wonder why that ever happened☹

Other than that I did not have anything else because I was expecting to faint n fall like our Bollywood movies😊..but I had also heard a lot of symptoms from other mommy’s as well and when I compared..I felt my pregnancy was way much better than others alhamdulillah!

I had already decided my baby’s name!i obviously wanted baby girl because I believed she is always a I had decided a girl baby name already..AFAF

Back then that name was just a name.. now its my world!

My first trimester ended in the end of my trimester I came down to Bangalore.

That’s the end of my first trimester.

Okay that’s it people..

See you real soon with my 2nd trimester.

Feel free to comment and don’t forget to share.

Assalamu alaikum.




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