Pregnancy series(part 3)


Hello everybody

This is the final part of my pregnancy series. Please read my previous blog to know how was my first and second trimester.

I am writing this in a hangover mood because I just came back from my native attending a big fat wedding.

My third trimester was obviously a roller coaster ride with mixed emotions and lots of anxiousness.

I was constantly missing my hubby now he used to come only on weekends. That was the hardest part just 2 days for a week.

I now knew that this is going to be my new routine for few months.

My baby bump could be seen easily, and I used to get special treatment when I was out shopping or roaming.

My clothes dint fit me now and I had to either buy new clothes or borrow my hubby’s and I did both. Wearing husband’s clothes is kind a cool!

And I couldn’t put on my shoes without help. I used to regularly get leg massages from my mom used to make yummy food for me and all such treatments.

There is a tradition in my place that at the end of pregnancy, relatives and friends get savories and sweets. I enjoyed that period. I used to get calls from my aunts asking if I like spicy food or sweet dishes and I remember I used to tell both because I dint want to miss anything later!

My mood swings were on duty by then. I even had slight back pain and leg doc had asked me to count baby’s kicks. That was the trickiest part. Because whenever I started counting my baby used to stop kicking like literally. I told u she knows how to play hide and seek.

I was always asking my gynac about my delivery. because my patience level had gone out for a vacation and, I wanted that bundle of joy right next to me.

As my due was coming close I was very nervous (expected from new mommy’s). I used to always check on my pregnancy app to know how big is my baby and what’s happening inside.

By the end of my last trimester I visited my gynace very often. I had to do lots of tests and hospital bag was ready. I was just waiting for the big day.

My due date was on 7th November 2015.i cannot tell how desperate I was to say goodbye to my pregnancy.i was constantly asking my doc if there is any way to deliver before my due date and she always smiled and said lets just wait till you are due.

On 4th of November I visited my doc and she said I need to get admitted the next day because there was some issue with my scan report.i dint sleep that night because I had minor contraction and also the thought of going into labor.

The next morning I woke up early begged to god for ease and left for my delivery.


My baby was born on 5th of November 2015 around 1.30 pm.


That’s the end of my pregnancy series.

Hope you all enjoyed reading my blogs.

Comment and let me know what you want to read next.

That’s it people for this month.

See u soon with another blog.

Assalamu alaikum.

pregnancy series(part 2)

Hello everybody.

that’s the only proper picture of my second trimester.

My second trimester

Well,as said I came down to Bangalore at the end of my first trimester.if you are wondering what am up to please read my previous blog😉

I was very happy to be home..because I really missed Bangalore,my home,my favorite things that I did not take along and climate of coarse.

My second trimester had really done me a favor.i could eat anything because my Bangalore gynac was kind a cool.i could seriously do anything.that means am kind of normal and my current health status made my hubby realize that I can make a cup of tea by myself and also other stuff😊

My morning sickness bid me a goodbye then..i used to get a very good sleep and also I was very energetic during my day!

Energetic?how I miss that now!

Everybody feels butterflies in stomach?but what if it was for real?and that’s how baby kick feels.i started to feel that soon.and that butterfly probably had an energy drink later on.

But honestly those kicks I felt (goosebumps right now)was so magical.there was a life inside me.i wonder the creation of my life works.its just a miracle.

OK I am getting emotional now!

So at the middle of my second trimester I started cooking and other chores.i actually felt good at that point of time.i told you I was energetic!

And my tummy started showing clothes were getting little uncomfortable.thank god I had some loose cool pj’s then.

My parents thought that I am doing a lot of work and assumed am not taking care of myself and i need some rest(parents love i tell you)so I used to get regular calls from my mom that I should come back to my native.but the thought of missing my hubby was real bad.

My hubby was always jealous of not getting to feel our baby’s kicks.whenever he waited to see the kicks my Lil munchkin never showed up.well,she knew how to play hide and seek then!

By now I had a baby boy name as well.but I will not let it out because I think am gonna stick to that name till I get a baby boy!

This is gonna be my second favorite part of my second trimester (first has to be the kicks I felt) baby clothes shopping!its was really cool to shop for someone neither I have met nor I know who it is gonna be!

At the end of my second trimester I went to my native.

That’s the end of my second trimester my favorite trimester as well.

That’s it people.

See you soon with my 3rd trimester.

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Assalamu alaikum.

Pregnancy series (part 1)

IMG_4601Hello everybody

So whenever I talk or write about my pregnancy either I smile or ill be like…um okay!

When I got pregnant I was in Dubai probably planning to explore the city,visit places and try their extra ordinary food.

But who knew what was coming our way.

Well alhamdulillah(all praise is to Allah)I was super nervous,super excited and super new to all that’s happening with me.

I had already done a small research on pregnancy and was mostly about nausea,sleeplessness and tons of advises.

I know that sounds a little weird but I told myself yes!!I am ready lets face it!

1st trimester

When I officially confirmed my pregnancy.. my hubby was very excited..i always thought of giving him a surprise like that which I saw on you tube,trust me that never happens in our lives.. I wonder why?

Later I consulted a gynace in Dubai she was a very sweet lady but with lots of precautions..i was told not eat seafood and meat!and also to take lots of rest and suggested not to roam around in the city,i was just talking about exploring city and going crazy with food right??

And not to forget my morning sickness woke me up in the morning instead of my alarm clock.nausea played well during my day and sleeplessness was on swing at night..sounds adventures right!!

I love sweets but when I was preg I used to feel sick when I saw them..when I write this I wonder why that ever happened☹

Other than that I did not have anything else because I was expecting to faint n fall like our Bollywood movies😊..but I had also heard a lot of symptoms from other mommy’s as well and when I compared..I felt my pregnancy was way much better than others alhamdulillah!

I had already decided my baby’s name!i obviously wanted baby girl because I believed she is always a I had decided a girl baby name already..AFAF

Back then that name was just a name.. now its my world!

My first trimester ended in the end of my trimester I came down to Bangalore.

That’s the end of my first trimester.

Okay that’s it people..

See you real soon with my 2nd trimester.

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Assalamu alaikum.




First blog post

HelloFirst blog post


I am Aashiqa ,a house wife and a mother to my beautiful daughter Afaf

I am a Bangalore based blogger(I guess)😜

I am here to honestly write about my experiences in life and being a parent

Parenting is not a easy task we all agree on that right?but it’s not so difficult with few people around who are always there to help it out..

This blog page will definitely help it and I will try to write anything and everything about parenting,reviews and also some fun stuff

Also I am a foodie😜 so I’ll try to post some Yummmm recipes for sure ..must Try’s in Bangalore

Who doesn’t love traveling?I go crazy when I am planning for trips or may be even a long drive😝😝

So let’s get started


Okay that’s it for now

Jazakallah Khair

Assalamu alaikum